Hatteras WOW!

Casey’s Blog:

    Wow! That’s all I can say after the last two days! For some reason I have scored some amazing conditions again. The south side was just going off with side off winds and peeling head high waves! There’s no better feeling then blasting down the line on some glassy waves, and getting 4-7 turns on the same line. Unbelievable! The Naish Chopper and 115 OES quad is such a perfect combo for hatteras conditions,it allowed me to really shred up some waves!  My stoke level is thru the roof at the moment!
Then of course there was lots of celebrating afterwards with some great friends and many,many,many rums!
Check out Keith’s photos on the link below! Some sweet shots!

Click here for Keith’s photos!  some gorgeous shots! 

Look at that spray!
Andy Mckinny in deep! Going for it.
It's me! Hitting it.
Keith McCulloch killing it!
Bill Bell. Cutting Loose!
Killed this Rum with Brian from Michigan
This wicked Super delicious Rum got killed by Andy from Wind NC.

4 thoughts on “Hatteras WOW!”

  1. Great photos! Wish I coulda been there to see in person! Looks like a lot of much-needed fun! Miss you!

  2. Enough of this Radical Water Activity!Get back to work,you Rum Bum!Ha!Glad to see your having Fun!Kudos to the Cat taking pictures.Great Shots!Enjoy! regards,Home Made Cell Phone Guy.

  3. Glad your having a good time, i got the reef under control, even got randy and sharon to bed early sat.nite. ( not quite what it sounds like).
    I hope Andy did not drink the shot of Barcello that was meant for me.
    Brian dug the swag and the rum. Keep the Reef stoke going.
    Keep hitting the Lip

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