Put on your Sailin’ Shoes

windsurf picbeach level getting readybroken board picdandy and case pic       June 2nd blessed us with a warm, sunny, and windy day. Much like last year http://vimeo.com/43338616 the conditions were perfect. Winds of 20 to 30 mph brought many windsurfers and kiters to The Reef.

Hope you like this video I put together.

Sailing Shoes from reef warrior on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “Put on your Sailin’ Shoes”

  1. Great video, great tune! Great to see so many people out on the water enjoying those conditions. You guys have a lot of good sailors doing forwards and back loops, etc. (Although feel for the guy with the broken board.)
    Just got back from China and this video really gets the juices flowing for me – gotta get out there.

    1. Welcome back from China, good to hear the video helped get you stoked.
      Come on over to Lake Erie any time to complete the journey of becoming a true Reef Warrior

  2. Great video of Gidget, Dave, and Casey sailing. I think that balding guy in the gray van spent too much time getting dressed while every one was ripping it up. Smooth camera work, and music makes it all good!

  3. Sandro you were impressive on the waves! You are already a star in my lens. Watch out for those talent scouts.

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