reef chicks meet the challenges!

First, an update from Christina and the Warrior Dash:

“The Warrior Dash was amazing and so much fun!  I did all the obstacles and
completed the race (5.2 km) in 1 hour and 8 minutes.  The beginning of the
course was killer, it was almost all uphill.  The obstacles were fun some
harder than others.  My SUP skills helped me on the balance beam obstacle
for sure!  There was lots of MUD, SWEAT & RUM!  And I did have lots of
bruises and scraps on my elbows and legs!  I am already planning on going
next year.  Thank you to all my friends that supported the Sick Kids
Foundation! See you at the beach!”

Warrior Dash (1)-1

Sport Photo (1)-2

Sport Photo (2)-2

Next is the Lake Erie North Shore Stand-up 25k Paddle.


Gidget and Possum finally participated in the paddle from Nickel Beach to Crystal Beach on Sunday after a weather postponement and a delay due to locked gates. They were joined by two other fellow Reef Warriors-Jim Dandy and Surfer George.



The Reef Warriors definitely set the pace and completed the first leg with ease. Thanks to the cheering section-Nancy on the kayak, John and Jane  and Phil and Bernice on the decks and all those who met us at lunch-Derek, Zach, Cam, Linsay, Lou, Casey, Stan, Petra, Robyn, Tanner and Ben. After a lunch break at Pleasant they continued on to the Point Abino lighthouse and to Crystal Beach.

PIC_0688A swim and photo break was taken at the lighthouse. The most challenging part was the last 1-2k. The boat traffic caused criss-crossed waves which made those already tired legs work harder and weaving through swimmers at a crowded finish line was tough too! Not that it was a race but the Reef Warriors finished out front and proved their strength on the water. Congrats to all paddlers on a job well done-especially knowing that some were novices!

Also thanks again to all our supporters-Reef Warriors Rock! A special thanks goes to Petra who wrote this for the paddle:

First and foremost a very big THANK YOU to the three AMERICAN Reef Warriors
Who joined this worthy CANADIAN cause….

The North Shore Lake Erie paddle was born out of ecological concern.

By a board and paddle on the water inspired
Surely has to be admired.

25 Km on this Great Lake is no small feat
Through training and positive attitude
These Reef Warriors  just can’t be beat.

With your enthusiasm and spirit
You made  us also aware this Eco- challenge has some merit.
It made us stop and pause
To give some thought to this worthwhile cause.

We need to work together
To respect these waters and coastal treasures
To lead the way for the young generation to continue to enjoy its pleasure.

Let us all strive for a healthy Great Lake and shore
To be able to continue the stories of Reef Warrior Lore.
Yes Reef Warriors do inspire young and old ,
So lots of stories can be told ,
And the generations can continue to boast
Of Lake Erie’s spectacular waters and Coast.

Gidget, Jimmy and Possum
You Reef Warriors
Are mighty awesome!


From a fellow ( not so brave , but proud) Reef Warrior …


4 thoughts on “reef chicks meet the challenges!”

  1. Wow Christina , congrats with participating in the Warrior dash from Sick Kids , that looks like an another very tough challenge for the not faint at heart ….for a great cause !
    The pics from both events look great , see you on the reef!

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