Ausmosis S.U.P.’s

We recently  had a visit from Ausmosis surf shop  a new board shop in the St. Catherine’s area. Darryl and Jay brought the complete line of sup’s for us to try, and try we did.ausmosis vanThese boards are made in the United States and designed in Canada and are very well made. Light and easy to handle, all the boards we tried tracked well and were comfortable to paddle in the flat water. This is a family run business and all the boards are named after Darryl’s children, a nice touch. A few of us have visited the shop as well and enjoyed the experience. I even picked up a big Kahuna long board and push stick.gail and board board testing (2) ausmosis1 demo dayThey also brought a surf model designed for fresh water,cecilia and boardbut with no waves in sight there was nothing to do but paddle it. It proved to be a stable platform as well. I am a big guy and it held me up fine, although a little tippy for me it was somewhat forgiving, never really throwing me off-balance to the point of no return.

To truly challenge the small board Gidget tried doing a little  yoga on it.

surf yogaThey also brought the fisherman model, a large stable board with a back rest, rod holders and a place for a cooler. A good board for taking kids and /or dogs for a cruise.IMG_0663As the demo was ending we joked about leaving a board here for further testing and Darryl happily agreed to leave a 10 ft. D-Man model to try in the waves.

When the waves finally showed up Casey, Joel H., and Gail took it out for some testing.

It took a few runs to get it dialed in but every one caught some rides. Casey even smacked a few lips and bottom turns. All the riders had fun, but all felt the board was a little slow on the waves, and due to the short platform maybe not enough glide to catch the wave. IMG_0661

Thanks to Darryl and Jay for coming to the reef and sharing their product and stoke with us. We will welcome them back any time. (and we will have them back soon)

If you are in the market for a well made board, from a local shop, you cannot go wrong here. Tell them The Reef Warriors sent you.

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