Rum Quest Wednesday Dzama Rum

IMG_1494Last friday was International Rum Day, or so we were led to believe by a calendar Gidget had read some where. Looking around on the Interweb thingy we stumbled upon many different rum days so we just ran with Gidget’s calendar and celebrated Rum Day Reef Warrior style, gathering on the deck and sampling quite a few tasty treats.

One of the highlights of the night was Dzama Amber Cuvee Noir Prestige rum from Madagascar. The delicious nectar is a unique surprise. It boasts a golden copper color with a very rich, sweet fruit, cinnamon and vanilla nose.

The initial taste rewards you with a sweetness that reminds one taster of cream soda. I find it very complex but not over powering in it’s complexity.

Vanilla, floral notes and ripe fruit including cherry are up front. Adding an ice-cube brings out the flavors of cinnamon, cherry and plum.

The finish is extremely smooth.

This is a one of a kind rum, in our humble opinion. An amazing sipping rum best enjoyed as an aperitif.

This rum is top shelf.


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