Show Time!

Casey’s Blog:
  Well I have been totally Blog Slacken Lately Sorry for that, but Summer is one freaken busy season.  Nothing like packing a years worth of activities into 2 months. I dont how everybody does it. That’s why summer is not my favorite season, to dang hot, too dang busy, no sleep, lighter winds,ect.  I can’t wait till fall. life slows down, cooler temps, Big Waves and more Reef Warriors in Da house! 
   The one thing I can’t complain about is the reef! It has been super fun.  Lots of afternoon lake breezes and fun shreadable waves.  Plus there’s been a couple of epic days already in early September. Which all has helped me to get ready for my next challenge.  Competing in the  American windsurfing tour event in Cape Hatteras (aka Wave Jam).
   Wave jam is the Superbowl of east coast wave sailing. Its Just an awesome event, with lots of “pro’s”  and great windsurfers to meet, sweet waves all day and great party’s all night. Just watching the pro’s do there thing on a wave (Truly amazing) is worth the trip in itself.  This year I entered in the amateur division again, cause the pro’s are too dam good. I think they need to get real job’s, that would slow them down a bit.  Hehe.   This year the conditions we’re perfect. Although “port tack” which is not my good side. I couldn’t ask for anything better.  The competition was crazy stiff. There are so many good wave sailors out there. Its very impressive!   I know i had to bring my “A” game to every heat, and talk about pressure! when you only have 12 minutes to find two good waves and ride the shit out of them perfectly. That 12min feels like 30 seconds.  I was totally exhausted after every heat, But after all the spray settled and two days of competition I some how came out on Top! I think all that Fun SUP sailing is starting to pay off! Oh and lots of Luck too, I am sure. Most importantly I have to give a huge squeeze to my wify Amanda for putting up with all my shit, and supporting me all the way.
     Check out all the great info on the action at the  A.W.T. website! And FB page.


16 thoughts on “Show Time!”

  1. Hey Casey , that is absolutely awesome ! All the water time has payed off , CONGRATULATIONS ! Now we have star Reefwarrior in our midst !

  2. Hey Case, Great Job. You show all those ocean sailors that nobody hits the lip like the reef warriors, and you smack it the hardest. We will have rum waiting here at Da” Reef when you get back.

  3. Wow great post and web link with action photo. Nice to see you so stoked! You make it look so easy at the reef. Now everyone will want to train in your backyard. I think the AWT needs to come to the reef in rocktober. they’ll need to postpone that island stop in the Pacific for a couple of weeks.

  4. Way to go Casey-Now I will definitely be trying to sail right behind you and learn your moves! Look out October-da’reef and the Reef Warriors will be rockin’!

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