Chili cook-off recap

Last weekend we had the social event of the year here at Da’ Reef, our annual chili cook off.

It has taken a full week to recover from the food coma I was in to write the post, IMG_788315 chilis and many, many treats were shared as we enjoyed an evening of food and friendship.

Last year’s runners-up, Ryan and Mike, served as Chili Queens for this season. (pictured here with back to back winners from the last 2 events, Randy and Sharon)IMG_7900This year’s event was one of the most contested ever with a tie for 2nd place and very close voting throughout.

Runner up was awarded to Sara who will serve as Chili Queen 2014. I am sure she will be one of the loveliest queens ever. IMG_7922The winner this year was Robert, a new comer to the event, and to the Reef.

Rob and his family got a place here in the summer of 2012 and quickly became a fixture out on the water, with kayaks, a hobie cat, and sup and windsurf gear. IMG_7959

Great Job Robert!!

Finally I have to mention the good deed Casey bestowed upon a fellow Reef Warrior.

You have all read about Casey the wave sailor, or Casey the rum Quester, or Casey the gear guru, but many of you don’t know about Casey the keeper of the stoke. No matter your skill level Case is always excited for you when you have a great day sailing, or catch a great wave on the sup board, or just to help rig a new sail or dial in a new board.

As keeper of the stoke Casey especially likes to help those who are really stoked and have the passion and desire to improve. One such member of our tribe is Cam, who has a bunch of hand me down gear, a new baby and a very understanding wife.

Cam is out sailing every chance he gets, practicing tacks, jibes, water starts, getting in the harness and footstraps, he is truly stoked.

While at the AWT event in Hatteras last month Casey bought a winning raffle ticket and decided to pass on the prize to Cam,IMG_7972a 2013 Starboard Kode 103 litre board. Congratulations Cam, Keep the stoke going.

Now we just need some wind to try out that board, and we all want to try out that board.

2 thoughts on “Chili cook-off recap”

  1. Windsurfing, Hobie Cats, SUP events, Chili cook-offs, Rum ‘sampling’ . . . Those Reef Warriors really know how to live! I wanna be just like you guys when I grow up.
    Good on Casey for passing on that board (signed by a former world champion windsurfer by the way)!

    1. Brian , good to hear from you as always. You don’t need to grow up to be a reef warrior, thats the secret!!!
      You just need to be old enough to drink rum!
      Come visit windy season is on the way.

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