Not a good sign.

Casey’s Blog:

Well it looks like after the Windiest and Big Wave November I think we ever had on Da Reef. Winter appears to be coming early this year. Scored a little Kite session yesterday, but it was Cold, and the shore ice is already starting to build up. Everybody better stock up on lots O Rum, and dig the winter gear out it might actually get used this year.
I going to avoid that for a few more days. I am packed up, and going to try to beat the storm outta here. Heading to Hatteras for a little salt life therapy. Maybe I can bring some warming back with me for December. For every body celebrating thanksgiving. Have a great Turkey day! And Hit The Lip!


2 thoughts on “Not a good sign.”

  1. Great pics again , but don,t like the ice stuff!…hope hatteras is kind to you and brings Some warmth and wind ….happy Thanksgiving to you and Amanda ….happy travels .P&S

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