2013 Session Re-Cap

Casey’s Blog:

Well 2013 is over and now that I am looking back at it, all I can think of is “what a Crazy year”.  There were so many long stretches of  zero wind/waves, but then when it did blow it was off the charts good.  So to sum it up, the year was low in quantity but high on quality.  I didn’t quite reach my goal of 100 days in the water, but with 93 I am not complaining. It was a Great year for me personally, I somehow managed to win the amateur division at Wave Jam against some very very talented wave sailors. I really got tuned into my gear this year which I think helped me take a step up in my surfing. (which has been on a decline for the last 12yrs)  I feel really good about next year to push it a little more.  I Found myself Wind SUPing a lot last year and it has become pretty much my favorite thing to do. (even more then windsurfing and SUPing).  I just can’t get enough of surfing glassy wave after wave and never having to paddle.

Once again The Reef was just rocking with action all year.   I Think last year we turned a corner, More and more, I saw people riding waves and going for the Lip, no matter what they were riding(windsurf,Sup,Kite,kayak,hobie). Surfing is the True “soul” of Da Reef , and its great to see so many people finally tapping into it.   Now to the stats and pics!


93-Total play days! (11 months)

93-days – Total wave surfing!  (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

43-days   Windsurfing (5.7 & smaller)

13-days   Kitesurfing (12m & 8m)

145-days   Sup surfing

23-days   Wind Sup in waves

2-days   Snowkiteing (No snow year)

21-days  Scoring waves in Hatteras

Best day on the reef– Nov 18th (Waves 14.5ft at buoy, around 30ft on Reef!)

Best month-Nov (Sep actually had one more day with 12, but Nov was insane)

Best SUP ride –Hatteras Wind Suping, dozen turn kind of day!)

Best new toy- 211(Goya) Carbon Boom, and 72L Goya quad!

Past years

2012-124 total play days.         119 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2011-129 total play days           93 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2010-144 total play days           104 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2009-102 total play days           42 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)  

2008-100 total play days           40 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)  

2007-83 total play days           36 total play days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2013 Monthly break down

JAN 1-WindSUP, 1-Sup Wave, 2-Windsurf, 1-Kite

FEB None

MARCH 1-Windsurf, 1-Snowkite, 1-Sup Wave

APRIL 5-Windsurf,  2-Sup Wave,  3-Kitesurf

MAY 4-Windsurf,  5-Wind Sup, 1-Sup Waves

JUNE 3-Windsurf, 4-Wind Sup, 1-Kitesurf

JULY 2-Windsurf, 7-Wind Sup, 1-Kitesurf

AUG 7-Windsurf, 1-Sup wave, 2-Wind Sup, 2-Kitesurf

SEP 6-Windsurf, 5-Sup Waves, 2-Wind Sup, 2-Kitesurf

OCT 6-Windsurf, 1-Kitesurf, 2-Wind Sup

NOV 1-Kitesurf, 6-Windsurf, 2- Sup Wave 

DEC 1-Sup Wave, 1-Snowkite

That’s it!  Time to do it all over again. HIT THE LIP

Hopefully the nugget brings us lot o waves this year.
Hopefully the nugget brings us lot o waves this year.
My fav Go pro Pic of the year.  Just Huge!
My fav Go pro Pic of the year. Just Huge!
My Fav Hatty Shot of year.  Sooo Nice!
My Fav Hatty Shot of year. Sooo Nice!
Watch out. The Kids are Getting good.
Watch out. The Kids are Getting good.
Hopefully Sandy get's more Toys this year too. Hehe.
Hopefully Sandy get’s more Toys this year too. Hehe.
Bring on 2014!
Bring on 2014!

6 thoughts on “2013 Session Re-Cap”

  1. way to stack up the #s Casey. many memorable daze and many memorable rums : )

    havent made it to Ellicotteville yet but will call when I do so I can  p/u Riley’s package from you.

    any snow kiting this year?   Greg Wilkinson NRGgraphics@rogers.com 416.844.7599

    1. I haven’t gotten out snow kiting yet this year. Every time we get snow it melts the next day. I have gotten some XC skiing in.
      The Lake is frozen so the conditions look to be prime for Feb snowkiting. Yea.

  2. great numbers doing the stuff we love.the wife and i had 61 sailing days,55kiting days and 30 sup sessions.hope to do better in 2014?used the 140-190 goya boom all season great boom!

    1. Joe way to score the sessions as usual. I think this is going to be a good year!
      Ya I love the Goya booms, Grip, stiffness, and curve is perfect. I have 2 of them now!

    1. The Woody is a Fin less Surf/kiteboard I played with last summer. Lots of fun with a summer breeze and small waves. Eventually it will be retired on the wall at the beach house.

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