A Great Winter

Casey’s Blog:

Wow what a great winter it has been.  It’s been a couple of years since we have had a “real” winter in these parts.  It’s been super cold, everything is frozen and we got lots of snow.  I kind of forgot how enjoyable and fun winter can be. I have scored tons of gorgeous days cross country skiing, and when the wind bumps up the Snowkiting has been really, really good. It has just been fun fun fun.  Now surfing all year round is fun too, but I find my passion for it kind of flat-lines when you’re in the water all year.  A nice winter break recharges the stoke by playing on the frozen stuff so I find my passion for surfing will be super amped up for the upcoming season. That means even on the crappiest of days I will be so happy to get out on Da reef.  I Have even started some fun projects, Like turning my 10’ WindSup into a Quad fin, Installing a mast track into my new 7’11 SUP and I am even contemplating turning the corner of my basement into the “Da Board Room”. You may see a Reef Warrior Custom shape on the water in the near future! So all and all This has been a Great Winter for me!

Reef Warriors even make up new sports during the winter, here is the “Rookie” Cam Inventing Snow Windsurfing Tow In, Just wearing your shorts in sub zero temps.  Looks like a very extreme sport. I like it.
Cam Snow wind

Cam snow 2

A Tiny Clip From the recent Snowkite Action. Thanks Jim.!

Recent Snowkite action.

The future spot of “Da Board Room”

"Da Board Room"
“Da Board Room”

7 thoughts on “A Great Winter”

  1. Wassup fellow ReefWarriors,BIG Z & BLONDIE are in da house,After turning 50 i finally realized after drinking many bottles of the finest rums with our fellow RW Pirates over the spring,summer,fall months ,winter is just too long between rum quests.Talking on the phone is the thing of the past ,texting well took me 10 years,so finally after 15 years of my mind being trapped on a dessert island i realized i do need internet.Blondie is stoked it took me that long to open the treasure chest,”my mind” but some things just do.So as i sit here trying to type on this thing you call an apple,i could have drank a bottle of rum.Time ,years go buy so fast i think its a good way to keep in touch with the RW crew.So on that note i’m looging off for know.but it wont be the last you here from BIG Z & BLONDIE .the storms a brewing.the waves will be rolling soon.our surf boards are frozen in ice but need some anyway for the drinks .chisel in hand i’ve got to go.Zacappa is calling.HANG LOOSE!

      1. HI Guys On Tiki Island Radio.no one could guess , the locations on Pictures . if you dont’ live on the middle Keys or Key West.the Beautiful. location in Key West . with the rabbits , which run around . ( now thats an easy one) Lets keep it a secret Guys OK? Chow Later ( Whats Next Isnt, this fun? Coral

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