The Hounds of Winter

The Hounds of Winter?

I think they are like the Dog Days of Summer, only colder.

I still see her face
As beautiful as dayIMG_0735

snow covered elco beach
snow covered elco beach

It’s easy to remember
Remember my love that way


da reef
frozen reef

All I hear is that lonesome sound

the wreck frozen in time

The Hounds of Winter

They follow me down

lyrics by


Gidget and I took a ride up to Da’ Reef to check out the summer place. Gidget met up with Possum for a little cross country skiing.

DSCN0106 possum ski gidet and possumDSCN0101 DSCN0104And I wondered around in the cold taking some video and photos. All of our places were buried in snow drifts, some much worse than others.

looking down ledge lane
looking down ledge lane
caseys place
Casey’s place and the snowave
Dave C.'s place
Dave C.’s place
The lake at surf loop
The lake at surf loop

The lake was frozen solid, 2 or 3 feet thick the ice fisherman we spoke with said.

da reef
The frozen reef
Warning : swimming not recommended
Tanners frozen "fish"
Tanners frozen “fish”

not going sailing any time soon
not going sailing any time soon
The point Abino light
The Point Abino lighthouse



7 thoughts on “The Hounds of Winter”

  1. We went up 2 weekends ago to check things out and drop off some things at the trailer……well what a dream that was, not a chance of getting in with snow drifts up to the roof & doors buried. Very cool winter scene though! Can’t wait for spring.

  2. Great pics! I must say I’m shocked to see so much snow at the reef. I’m glad the ladies got a good xc skiing session in. Enjoying the outdoors at the reef is truly four seasons.

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