New Season New Toys 😊

Casey’s Blog:

Well it’s a new Surfing season on Da reef, that means lots of new toys to play with. I see and hear of new gear rumors. So what did everybody get? Or is on there wish list?
I am pretty sure most of my new toys will come out of the board room this year.


6 thoughts on “New Season New Toys 😊”

  1. Well, my new toy(a bic 12’6″ wing sup ) is being worked on in the board room (I hope). Picked it up dirt cheap but it need some ( a lot o’ fixin’). Also a new wetsuit that I might need all year if the lake ever thaws. And who know what we will come back from California with!

  2. I want to know what you have behind you. I can’t wait to see you board room gear.. I don’t buy new gear I buy your old ones. All set for a rockin new season!

  3. Oh yeah!! 2013 87L fanatic quad team edition slightly mauled by a guy in RI. Can’t wait to get that thing on da Reef! Who knows what I’ll pick up in Cape next week…

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