6 thoughts on “10′ Wind Sup “quad””

  1. I am really impressed with the craftsmanship, but what are those blue fins for…to ride you inches above the water or catch a waves before everyone else. Whoops you already do that. Maybe us mere weekend reef warriors could catch a wave.

  2. Casey,

    Nice mod job. I have similar thoughts for my windSUP. I’m leaning towards a tri but I’d like to get your impressions with your board.

    Mike “I gunning for you at the AWT” Wazenski

  3. I see your favorite is now the Exocet 10′ vs. the 11’8″. I am ordering a 10′ now and just curious on the reasons you changed to the 10′ from the 11’8″ as I could not find a post about it. Just want to know I am making the right decision with the 10′.

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