Oh Sweet Lines. and Da Reef is open!

Casey’s Blog:

Da Reef is definitely fully open. Seems like the wave days are starting to rack up for me now. Just scored an amazing and very surprising SUP session in H-Bay. Probably the best I have ever had there. Just absolute perfect. Mirror glassy super long lines that would peel left and right with about waist to head high sets. Yup a Long board dream wave. As usual I was solo for one of the best sessions of the year, so no pics or vid. So let me visualize a typical ride for you all. Catch perfect wave that stuck out like a mountain, gain some speed, walk out to the nose, hang 5 maybe 10, have a sip of rum, then run back to the tail do a full bottom turn then HIT THE LIP hard!, 3 paddle strokes to clear the section, run out to nose have some more rum, see the lip peaking again, run back to the tail, off the lip two paddle strokes, bottom turn smack the lip again then celebrate with a huge whammy air Paddle guitar solo jam. Turn around paddle back out and do again, and again, and again till sun goes down.

There ya go! Who needs pics or a vid when you have a visual like that? Hehe.

Ok all Reef Warriors it’s time to get on it! Ya!

Sweet sunset after a sweet day!

4 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Lines. and Da Reef is open!”

  1. Yeah the reef was great and you said hbay. I said to myself he ought to know if it was good. I was looking at a brief time there so I didn’t get down to the surfers spot. I had to leave the glassy conditions after 15 minutes. As I packed my board away I saw you get an awesome ride. I was happy for you but don’t you get thirsty or tired?

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