Surfer rescue course



Lake Erie Surfers Rescue Coarse..July 13 2014

A couple of us participated in this course a few summers ago and found the info very helpful.  Thankfully we have never had an incident on the Reef  but we should be prepared. If you can attend you will come away a better waterman.
Hope you can make it

A Lake Erie Surfers Rescue Coarse is being Held Sunday July 13 2014 at Holloway Bay Beach, Lake Erie Ontario Canada..Please email for directions to parking ….We are going to start at 10am and should finish around 1pm.. 

We will have a accredited lifeguard showing current cpr techniques and how to use your surfboard as a lifesaving device,we will also have a manikin for in water practicing  

The idea is to help great lake surfers react confidently when they see swimmers or surfers in distress.. Lunch and drinks will be provided…This event is free to participate in..

A competitive manikin rescue race is planned for after the coarse,SUP and Prone paddling 
Prize’s will be awarded for the best 3 times.

Questions Please Email – to confirm your coming..

Some photo’s from our last Rescue coarse –


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