Waves for Breakfast

So many people start their day by going to their local Starbuck’s, Tim’s or other coffee shop. They wait in line ups to order their Iced Caps, Grandes and double doubles.  Usually they are greeted by someone they know at the shop and exchange a few cursory hellos.
Me, I was lucky this morning to break from that norm and enjoy a real Reef “Break”fast.
I paddled out to a host of waiting waves, with no line-ups in sight I picked my favorite “white cap” and surfed on down the line. While out there I shared many smiles, and hoots and hollers of excite with some good friends.
There is nothing better than starting your morning off on the Reef, the sun shining above, the waves glistening below.

Could there be any thing better than  Waves for Breakfast?!?!?!?


2 thoughts on “Waves for Breakfast”

    1. Nop. You Nailed it. Nothing better then Waves for breakfast. Just freaken awesome. Well maybe Rum pancakes? Hehe.

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