Labor Day Paddle Board meeting updates and more

As summer is winding down there is a lot going on at Da’ reef.

1st off

Gidget and Firefighter Julie are going to compete in the North Shore SUP race this weekend. The 10 k race will be from Nickel Beach  to Pleasant Beach. Lets get out there and cheer them on as they pass by. ( around 11:30)

If you are interested in participating or helping out click the link above.

2nd fun thing,

From Possum: I have been issued a challenge for the ALS ice bucket challenge. This involves taking a video of yourself dumping a bucket of ice water over your head. For any one who hasn’t heard of this, it is a drive to raise awareness and money for ALS, which is a devastating and deadly disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Now being a Treichler by marriage and a Reef Warrior at heart, I feel I must “Go big or go home” so I would like to gather as many of my reef warrior family(and any other friends who want to join!) as possible to help me with this challenge. All you need is about 5 minutes and a bucket (or whatever receptacle you choose) of ice water. I will also collect money from any one who wishes to make a donation to the ALS association from the reef warriors. So I am asking that you grab your ice water and meet me on the beach in front of Lou and Gail’s deck at noon this Sunday (August 22nd) where we will raise our buckets to pay it forward for a good cause! For more information about ALS or to make your own private donation, visit:
  ALS Association 

We will post the video of this event on the reef warriors website as well as the Facebook site. Thanks ahead of time for the support!

Let have a good turn out to support Possum and ALS

3rd on the list

is the Labor day board meeting and paddle parade.

Help us spread the word to your friends and family who sup or kayak to join us for the fun. If you have any questions contact Lou

Our date is set Sunday August 31, 2014

I will keep an eye on the weather if we need to change the day or time, but as of now Sunday looks the best.

We will start gathering on Elco beach near the boat ramp at 9 am

a group photo will be taken at 9:45 and the paddle will start at 10am

Refreshments will be served after the paddle on front of Lou and Gail’s. Please bring some to share if you want. Stay as long as you want and try paddle boards, hang with friends and just enjoy the beach

Be sure to sign the “registration ” book. We are trying to document how many people participated-hopefully more than 100!!!


I have had a post I have been wanting to share and could never seem to find the right time. The post is about the history of the Sherkston Ship wreck and I will post it up this Sunday morning so that the North shore sup racers and the board meeting participants can be informed on this small part of Lake Erie History. I hope you enjoy it.

Also let not forget chili cook-off .

As always it is set for the last Saturday in September.


Can Robert repeat as champ?

Will Sara be our prettiest chili queen to date?

These questions and more will be answered Sept. 27, 2014 come hungry and ready for fun.


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