Board Meeting Photos are here

I know you have all been waiting for the link to the

board meeting  photo album.

If any of you have some shots you wish to share send me a link, email me or stop by and I can load then on my laptop.

Thank you to John for all the great shots and also to Tod our man on the Seadoo.

Gail and I want to thank everyone who helped with the event and to everyone who brought some goodies to share.

Our final count was 75 paddlers this year, and over 80 folks who participated in the fun.

We know the conditions were not ideal,  good job everyone, for getting out there and handling the choppy water. I know a few folks were left out due to the change of day, we missed you all.

We are planning to do this again next year and are hoping you all can make it.

If you have any thoughts on how to improve the event or wish to help out let us know.



4 thoughts on “Board Meeting Photos are here”

    1. Brian,
      I gotta retire, but Gail won’t let me!!!
      It is the spirit of the people who make a place fun, but the place can certainly enhance the spirit. You are always welcome, to bring rum of course.

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