AWT Hatteras 2014

Casey’s Blog:
Another awesome Wave jam is in the books. First off I have to thank the Hatteras and AWT crew who worked very hard and pulled off a great event. Second off, thank you all Reef Warriors and family for all the support and great stoke.
This year the amateur division was really stacked with more incredible talent then ever from all over the world, but after the Spray settled I came up a little short this year and scored a very happy Second place. Congrats to Ian stokes(skinny kid) for taken the well deserved Win.
also Congrats to fellow Reef warrior’s, Dan Thomson(3rd masters, 5th amateur), Jim king (3rd grand masters), Cecilia (2nd women’s). Just more proof of how good of a World class wave sailing spot Da Reef is.
I will post more pics soon.

That’s my game face.
Me Congrats to Ian Stokes right after final.
Charging for a big Lip Smack!
Dan Thomson Nice Off the Lip!
“C” going out to charge.
Cam Snuggle with his new mast. He won at the AWT raffle. He has a purple horseshoe somewhere?
On the podium again! Sweet.

6 thoughts on “AWT Hatteras 2014”

  1. Wow great work with 2nd place. So proud to hear. Written like a true competitor tipping His hat to the winner and all the reef warriors. Ian must be off the charts good to be better than you.

  2. hey guys, great to see you all here a few wks ago for wave jam! checking in if you all will be posting a vid soon, especially if there was anything hot from the day we were all at rmp 49 when the peak of the hurricane swell arrived. curious if there was any cool stuff from that day!?! cya next time! bb

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