Board Building “#1”

Casey’s Blog:
Yup its official I am a board builder now. The first Stick is out of the Board room and Loose on Da Reef. It took about a year to accomplish from idea/design to the water but it was soo worth the time and effort. It turned out looking sweet and performs better than I ever could imagine. It’s got me really excited for future projects. Ya, Ya I know! The first one is a Kitesurf board and I hardly kite anymore. Well the first reason I chose to start with a kiteboard is they are pretty small “size wise” and of course I am making lots of mistakes figuring out the best construction techniques, so that helps save time/money. The second reason is, I have never really liked any of the Kitesurf boards I have owned or demoed, but I had many ideas on how to make them fun and rip and so far I have succeeded. Not sure if it’s by luck or I actually know a little bit about shapes.  Either way,  this first board is by far the best Kitesurf board that I have ever ridden on Da Reef. Its going to be a fun winter.
P.S. I am on Instagram now and am always posting lots of “Hot off the press” Pics.

The First ride, so much fun!


Labeled & Signed


Tips the scales at just under 6LB.


Quad set-up is still my favorite for Da Reef.



4 thoughts on “Board Building “#1””

    1. Windsurf boards are a way’s out. And I really don’t know how you make Goya quads any better. There are pretty much perfect. SUP And Wind Sup are on my Rader thou.

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