2014 Session recap

Casey’s Blog:

Well 2014 is over and Dang it went fast.  I am not sure why? it wasn’t a good year for waves, but I still managed some playtime.  For the second straight year I fell short of my goal of 100 days in the water, ended up with 75.  Its wasn’t for the lack of trying thou. there just wasn’t many days between the short season and lack of wind/waves. I think 2015 is going to be a good year just by the “odds”   Now to the stats!


83-Total play days! (11 months)

75-days – Total wave surfing!  (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

40-days   Windsurfing (5.7 & smaller)

9-days   Kitesurfing (12m & 8m)

9-days   Sup surfing

17-days   Wind Sup in waves

8-days   Snowkiteing (No snow year)

13-days  Scoring waves in Hatteras

Best day on the reef– Oct 8th (Rare True Side Off Bliss)

Best month-Oct (Rocktober as usual)

Best SUP ride –super long nose rides at H-bay in spring!)

Best new toy-  118L Goya quad!

Past years

2013-95 total play days.         93 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2012-124 total play days.         119 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2011-129 total play days           93 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2010-144 total play days           104 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2009-102 total play days           42 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)  

2008-100 total play days           40 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)  

2007-83 total play days           36 total play days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2013 Monthly break down

JAN None

FEB 4-Snowkite

MARCH 4-Snowkite

APRIL 1-Windsurf,  1-Sup Wave,  1-Wind Sup

MAY 2-Kitesurf,  2-Wind Sup, 2-Sup Waves

JUNE 2-Windsurf, 2-Wind Sup, 2-Sup Wave

JULY 11-Windsurf, 5-Wind Sup, 1-Kitesurf

AUG 4-Windsurf, 3-Wind Sup

SEP 5-Windsurf,  2-Wind Sup, 1-Kitesurf, 3-Sup Wave

OCT 10-Windsurf, 3-Kitesurf, 2-Wind Sup

NOV 2-Kitesurf, 5-Windsurf

DEC 2-Windsurf, 1-Sup Wave

That’s it!  Time to do it all over again. HIT THE LIP

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