Review: 2015 Goya Quad 118 (The Wave Slayer)

Casey’s Blog:

Well I sold my 104L quad , witch I loved, and replaced it with the 2015 Goya 118 quad. thinking to bridge the Big wave board WindSup gap.  I don’t even know were to start, this board is even more amazing then the 104 was.  its in fact! “ridiculous fun”.   I have crushed more Lips on the 118 the last Fall then I did all year on everything else combined(Kites/Sup/Surf included).  Its rips! in on shore/side/and side off condition, Big waves, little waves,( and it really excels in big waves), 5-35 knots, what ever you throw at this board it can handle it, The range on this board is huge. The 118  planes up pretty quick for a wave stick, is super smooth, turns amazing for a board so big, ect, ect.  The only couple of negatives I could find with it was it did get a little bouncy on a real choppy wave, moving the mast track forward helped with that. The  second negative was it is still a “Big” board in the “air” so try not to do any big moves you will most likely break your ankles.   Now I could go on and on about technical Bull shit. But the end result for this board is always the same. It just leaves you with a big smile on your face every time.  If your a heavy weight (200Lb+) who wave sales or wants to get into riding waves on the great lakes, east coast, or anywhere were conditions that are not perfect.   Then its real simple get the 118L Goya quad. There is  no better wave board out there for “real world conditions” period.  If you are a lighter person look into the 104L or 94L Version, I sure you are going to have the same results.

If your looking to pull the trigger like I was, make the call to Wind NC, There service is always the best. They somehow got mine to my door in 2 days just awesome.

2 thoughts on “Review: 2015 Goya Quad 118 (The Wave Slayer)”

  1. Casey, how about the ‘quickness to plane’? Do you have to work it like a typical wave board? What about just bump n jump in rough water conditions?

    1. Planes up pretty quick for a wave board, requires just a couple pumps downwind to get going. It will work for B@J in a pinch or rare session. but it is best/excels and made for the waves.

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