2015 Session Recap

Casey’s Blog:

2015 was one fun year. It started off very slow but ended with a bang. I ended up with 101 insanely fun days on Da Reef, Great Lakes and oceans. Mostly Hitting the Lip of course. I am always stoked to hit my goal of at least 100 days I set for my self every year. It makes me feel like I am living life to the Max. 2015 was definitely a great year for windsurfing, The perfect combo of wind & waves were just firing together when there was action. I have a good feeling that 2016 is going to be great for lots of water time, with the odds of a early spring looking good. I also hope to do a little more SUP & Surfing in the new year, try to get back to my roots a bit! Now bring on Da Waves!

Now the Stats!


101-Total play days! (12 months)

93-days – Total wave surfing! (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

60-days Windsurfing (5.7 & smaller)

9-days Kitesurfing (12m & 8m)

11-days Sup surfing

13-days Wind Sup in waves

8-days Snowkiteing (No snow year)

16-days Scoring waves in Hatteras

Best day on the reef– Aug 20th (Only 7.5ft at buoy, but so fun)

Best month-Nov (Every session was mind blowing)

Best SUP ride –Hatteras Tucking in tube, Nov Trip)

Best new toy- Enigma 2015 Severne Carbon wave boom!

Past years

2014-83 total play days. 75 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2013-95 total play days. 93 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2012-124 total play days. 119 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2011-129 total play days 93 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2010-144 total play days 104 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2009-102 total play days 42 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2008-100 total play days 40 total wave days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2007-83 total play days 36 total play days (windsurf/kite/SUP/surfing)

2015 Monthly break down

JAN)  1-Windsurf

FEB) 7-Snowkite

MARCH) 1-Snowkite, 2-Windsurf, Sup Wave

APRIL) 3-Windsurf, 2-Kitesurf

MAY) 2-Windsurf, 3-Kitesurf,1-Windsup,1-Sup Wave

JUNE) 4-Windsurf, 3-Wind Sup, 1-Sup Wave

JULY) 6-Windsurf, 2-Wind Sup

AUG) 7-Windsurf, 5-Wind Sup, 2-Kitesurf

SEP) 7-Windsurf, 2-Wind Sup, 1-Sup Wave

OCT) 11-Windsurf, 1-Kitesurf, 3- Sup Wave

NOV) 3-Sup Wave, 10-Windsurf

DEC) 7-Windsurf, 1-Sup Wave, 1-Kitesurf

That’s it! Time to do it all over again. HIT THE LIP

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