SUP Paddle review: Black Project Epic Pro 95

Casey’s Blog:

It’s been a long time since I bought a new SUP paddle, and after lots of research plus breaking my current one. I pulled the trigger on a Black Project EPIC Pro 95 SUP Paddle with Med/Flex shaft.  I will have to say it’s very impressive. Obviously it is incredible light,(I really mean crazy Light) Resulting in a lot less effort just to paddle.  When I was digging in hard to catch waves, I could feel the instant power from the Blade, which impressively translated into a lot more board speed,  I have never felt a paddle transfer the energy directly in that way before. Pretty awesome cause I am catching waves even earlier now. Also I felt Zero speed wobble from the blade, it tracked straight, comfortable and predictable. I choose the Med/flex shaft cause that is what I like from all my experiences. I have had everything from super soft to very stiff.  I find it gives good damping which is good for my shoulders and back, but still gives good direct feel. The shaft on this paddle delivered on all those points perfectly. The shaft was a little slippery thou, and I am going to take a little sandpaper and lightly rough it up for a little more grip.

I really can’t find any negatives about this paddle. It’s by far the best paddle ever to be in my hands, But as always being the ultimate critic. I personally would like to see one with a 1in diameter shaft, I really prefer the small diameter shafts, I find them easier to handle during transitions, and easier to grip. Also, maybe an option for a tiny bit smaller square inch blade, these blades are so efficient it might beneficial, especially for a smaller lighter person.

Well to sum this up, If you are in the market for a paddle upgrade, I highly Recommend getting this one, and once you use this paddle for one session you will be kicking yourself why you put up with your old paddle for so long.   It is a premium paddle, That is made in the U.S.A. with the best materials (No China crap) and it is worth every $$$$.

Of Course I bought my paddle at were all the best toys are at, and all Reef Warriors get a discount.


6 thoughts on “SUP Paddle review: Black Project Epic Pro 95”

  1. As usual my first thought is “How much is this gonna cost me”?
    Great review looking forward to trying it, when the water warms up of course.

  2. REEF WARRIOR blows away and lands on the outer banks!
    Jimmy King and his beautiful wife Charmaine with the two four legged girls ( Chloe and Bunny) yes they are doggies! are officially the newest representation of great water people to now reside year round on Hatteras Island!!!!!!!

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