Voodoo child

Casey’s Blog:

Here is another “Rum works” project fresh out of the board room. I am calling it “Voodoo Child”.  A fellow Reef warrior came to me with his old windsurfing board. It was a well-made custom Rouge Wave freestyle wave, about 8’6” 90L was the spec on it.  A Good board with clean lines,  but it was set up and orientated for more for Bump & Jump action.  I think he had a vison one night, and woke up in a Rum sweat and said “must turn it into a wave board, I want to hit the Lip”.  So upon consultation with me in the Board room, were a couple bottles of Rum happened to be consumed. We came up with a sweet plan.

First thing was to make it snappier, which required turning it into a multi fin of course. A thruster Fin set-up was the call by adding a couple side fin boxes. I ordered a set of custom fins from CNCfins which are some of the most efficient and “dialed in” fins by far. This will make it real snappy off the top, along with good hold on the bottom turn, and of course with CNCFins.com it will be faster.  For the Second modification, I did my famous chop the useless pointy nose off the board dance. Re-foiled and reshaped the nose, and gave it a nice new stubby look.(My Favorite) Third and last modification was I moved the front straps “in” and “forward” to give it a true Wave set-up. This will really help add drive, speed and control on a wave.  I wrapped it up by fixing all the dings/holes and giving it a “Rum influenced” Flashy paint job! Plus new padz and straps of course. Final specifications ended up 234cm(7’8”)/63.5cm(25”)/84L.  It’s like this board has been re-born and is ready to shred.  Have fun with it G-Man, I can’t wait to see you Hitting the Lip on this creation, in true Reef Warrior Style of course.

Out with the old version, It had a good life!

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