Ianovated Wetsuit Review

Casey’s Blog:

First thing I have to say is, if anybody is looking for a new cold water suit for windsurfing or kitesurfing. You have to consider the  ianovated suit as an option.  I know with the Tubes sticking out, it looks like something out of a Star Trek movie, but it’s no prop. This suit really works.  One of the basic things that impressed me the most is how comfortable it is to wear. It’s a bit loose fitting but nothing like a baggy drysuit. There is absolutely no suit material squeezing your forearms or shoulders, and as a bonus it’s very easy to get in and out of. The Tube system feels just like blowing into a snorkel.  Even if you find you don’t like the tube heating system. The tubes come out and it comes with seamless plugs for the holes. So at the very least you would end up with one of the best cold weather windsurfing suits on the market. That is the worst case scenario.
All I wore underneath was rashy shorts and top. I was always plenty warm in 35-50F temps. The gloves that come with it are open palm gloves and they do a good job of sealing up around the boom to keep the heat in. I found them a good option when the temps were around 50F. For the colder temps I would wear my Dakine mitts, with that combo my hands were always super warm. Such a nice feeling to have warm hands all the time.

There is only one thing that I don’t like about this suit, and that’s the dreaded drysuit zipper to get in and out of it.  They are such a pain in the ass.  If you always have someone around to zip you up then no worries ever. But if you sail alone a lot like I do, it’s such a Hassel to get that zipper closed even with all the tricks of the trade.

Overall this suit is very impressive and surprising, it offers many features all bundled together that no other suit can offer.

Pros: super comfy, very warm, easy in/out and of course the tube heating system for hands.

Cons: dry suit style zipper.


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Andy McKinney showing us action

2 thoughts on “Ianovated Wetsuit Review”

  1. Casey, as I’m going into the 2nd winter of sailing in Ianovated tube suit, I came across your blog post. First of all, the suit is awesome! After trying 5-7 different glove&mitt options over two winters of drysuit sailing, I am stoked to have Ianovated suit.
    I hear you about the zipper though.. But it hasn’t been a problem for me – I have a piece of nylon webbing about 2′ long, with two plastic clips on the ends (small carabiner-like clips). It must have been the band to wear the tag from one of conferences I’ve gone to. I feed it through the zipper’s loop and then through the door handle on the inside of my car, clip the ends together to form a loop, and zip myself up by pulling against it and rotating my back. Of course, the better your zipper is waxed, the easier it goes.
    The other day I had to take a pee after crossing an inlet along the Delmarva coast and before going on the ocean side (I don’t like peeing inside this suit and flushing it w/ outside water – it seems to retain some smell, unlike thiner wetsuits) – but I did not have that nylon band with me, since it stays with the car. Yet, I needed to unzip the back and pull the top part of the suit off, as well as one of the sleeves So I found a sign post along the side of the inlet (but one could use any thin tree), wrapped my harness around it, and hooked the zipper loop to the hook on the harness bar, then raised the harness around the post from ground level to be at about waist level, then kneeled down and opened the zipper by pulling w/ my back away from the hook – same way as I do it near the car using the nylon loop.

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