Custom made wetsuit review

As many of you know I have always been short for my weight and never really liked squeezing into a traditional back zip off the rack wetsuit.


I tried a chest zip suit and had a difficult time getting in and out of type of wetsuit as well.

For many years I have missed early season and fall days of sailing and SUP surfing due to the lack of a good wetsuit, then it was suggested to try a custom made suit from Wetsuit Wearhouse and I am happy I did!

Just click on the custom suit link at the top of the web page and boom ! I was ready to order a custom made wetsuit.


The order form is super easy to fill out with all the needed measurements  and details.

The next step is to simply email it in and let the minions and wizards in the custom suit assembly labyrinth some where in Maryland work their magic. About 6 weeks later a great fitting suit is  arriving at my door.  I ordered a front zip 4/3 suit with zippers at the wrists. Wetsuit Wearhouse even added the  Reef Warrior logo! As with anything a good made to order product can cost a bit more than off the rack, but the difference in cost is off set by the quality and attention to detail.

The suit is super soft and flexible for stand up paddling , sailing and windsurfing. It is plenty warm enough for the early  and late season 50 degree water of Lake Erie. My last wetsuit was a 3/2 that was way thicker and heavy and not very supple. What a difference!

The only downside was learning the trick to putting on the front load suit. It was a little tricky on the 1st couple wearings but as it became more broken in it certainly became easier. I will definitely suggest this option to anyone I speak with who may be a hard to fit size.

Thank you Wetsuit Wearhouse, you folks rock!

Don’t forget about the Reef Warrior discount, just use the code REEFWARRIORS15 at check out for a 15% savings.

3 thoughts on “Custom made wetsuit review”

    1. Why Not?
      In reality, I have sensory issues with tight things on my wrist.
      Watches, I never wear, I always roll up my sleeves on long sleeve shirts and I do my best to avoid hand cuffs.
      Turns out they are pretty comfy zipped or open.
      And yes the suit makes me 10# lighter, but we all know black is slimming.

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