Buffalo Board Company

After the race, Gidget  and Jim got to demo a few locally made, hand shaped boards from Buffalo Board Company.13133257_965450123569511_4962415127812205227_n

The first one she tried was the 11 foot yoga board. But we all know a Reef Warrior when there are waves (knee-high shore break) you have to surf. So surf she did.  Despite the shape of the yoga board it actually caught a wave before even attempting to really paddle on to it. It had great glide and amazing stability. The flat rocker and larger nose made the board want to pearl but the fact a yoga board could surf  was impressive. Seeing what she did on the yoga board, owner Brian quickly put the fin on the 10 foot board for Gidget to see how that one performed.14047335_1038999099547946_8139411877262140425_o 13987379_1038999106214612_2029993055429481769_o

The shorter length made turning to get on a wave a breeze. It did want to turn and was a bit tough paddling through the shore break but with a 10 mph wind and after a 6 mile race any board would be difficult to paddle out. Again this board turned very quickly to set up for the wave without losing any stability. The board did not accelerate on the wave but did provide good control.14047141_1038999296214593_1851871793177292706_o


Both boards would be great for anyone looking for that one board that can take you from flat water to feeling comfortable when the waves kick up. The stability (yes I keep using that word but I almost could not fall off these boards) would help anyone progress quickly and get them their first taste of SUP surfing. This just in time for windy season when Lake Erie waves are more prominent.

The slight increase in weight as compared to some other boards with a similar length should not deter anyone since I feel that adds to the boards apparent durability.

Jim dandy, being a man of few words had this to add,

I liked the yellow board (10′) you and Gail tried. I thought it was very stable especially the way it cut through waves on the way out. Maybe because of the pointy front. On small waves coming in it glided nicely and easy to keep it from pearling . I was not able to go left and right or down the line maybe cause the waves were small.

Thanks Jim your input is much appreciated!

For more information contact Brian at mailto:buffaloboardco@gmail.com or check out their Facebook page! If you wish to try these boards Brian will be at the Buffalo Maritime Festival at Canalside this coming weekend.

Thanks to Buffalo Board Company for rounding out our day at the Buffalo Paddle Festival!

Come visit us here at Da’ Reef sometime!



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