Red Barron Vid

Casey’s Blog:

A Cool little drone vid of myself and the Red Barron in Windsurf Wave Foiling action. This was one of the crappiest days on Da reef all year, and still an insane amount of fun WWF.     Big Thanks Marty for posting the vid.👍😁

Wind: 10-18mph,  Sail: 4.7 Naish Lift,  Foil: Go Foil Maliko, Board: 6’6″ Reef Warrior Custom😉

14 thoughts on “Red Barron Vid”

  1. Nice an you look at ease with it. The stance you take looks uncomfortable an not holdable long…an very hard to maintain. I’m I correct your talent makes it look easier then it is?

    1. Well practice does make perfect joe. it is not really that hard, once you get comfy with the foil and setup. No straps and no harness is the way to go. This day was the worst day of the year on da reef. SSE wind, voodoo chop, gusty as shit. but still fun on this set-up. next year I need to get some footage on a normal day were I am riding waves for 30s+. That is mind blowing fun shit.

    1. Brian, I have used the Maliko, and am now using the Naish. If you do not have a custom board like Casey, I recommend the Naish.

      If you have a board where you can put the Maliko forward like Casey and you are going to sail without straps to ride the swells I recommend the Maliko.

      The Maliko is much more swell sensitive as it is much bigger. You will feel each swell more and can probably flag the sail out and ride the swell easier. It is especially good on the small swells.

      The issue for me was the Maliko had a lot of spin outs. If I could have put the foil more forward on the board I think I could prevent that more. I also had to go to a rear foot center strap position instead of the outside strap and that felt kind of awkward but helped some what with the spin outs. I tried without straps but I still prefer strap for better control.

      My impression on the Naish is slow, steady, solid. If you are cruising 14 mph to 18 mph the Naish is really solid and comfortable, the Maliko at my rear location felt a little unstable when cruising like that.

      I still have to play in the swells more with the Naish. I did some flagging of the sail on my last session but do not have a lot of experience yet with it.

      I have been having so much fun with the Naish carving turns using the sail and swell power, I kind of forgot about riding the swell with no sail power until my last session.

      1. Bryn,
        Thanks for that info. The Naish foil boards have a track that allows you to move the foil fore and aft. I was thinking of combining the Naish board with the Maliko foil to get the best low-wind combo and also allow riding the swells. I like the full carbon of the Maliko too. I didn’t really know how much bigger the Maliko is than the Naish.
        When you say 14-18 mph, are you talking wind speed or board speed?

      2. Brian, the board speed is 14 to 18 mph. That is the speed it goes in all winds for me. I might be able to go a bit faster with a rear wing in neutral or less lift position, but speed is not my goal.

        Turning and riding swells is my goal and for that the maximum or near maximum lift works best so when I slow down I don’t come off the foil or if I do I can get back up right away.

        Casey might be getting the Naish SUP Foil so he might be able to do a nice comparison to the Maliko.

        The Maliko is a lot bigger than the Naish WS foil, but interestingly I think both have similar early lift capabilities using a sail. In other words, if you get any energy at all in the sail, both of them lift off right away.

        If you are just relying on the swell energy the Maliko definitely grabs more of that vs. the Naish WS Foil. I am still not sure if that is good or bad as I have a lot more swell riding to do on the Naish before I know for sure.

        I am 155 lbs and I found the challenge with the Maliko on the swell was to hold it down and also control the speed. On small swells no problem, but on swells that started to get large it was pretty challenging to stay in control for me.

  2. Following along here. Nice vid Casey I’ve shared it a bunch as that’s exactly what it feels like to me but done some much better with drone then trying to explain it haha! I have a Maliko on a custom 9’5″ sup with tuttle forward so Im standing upright too. So far I’ve found my current “sweet spot” is 25-27 inches from center mast foot to center of wings lift (imagined but near center of front wing mass) No straps needed but it’s a different kind of riding that I see most of the others doing approaching windsurf foiling (hiking out and closing the gap) I just think of the setup like a paddle surfer but get to use the sail and that makes for some tremendously fun and long rides, even back and forthing banking of little bumps like it sounds like Bryn is having so much fun doing.

    Looking forward to trying the Maliko 200 and perhaps a Kai foil for more roll on one and speed on the other, maybe iven the Iwa! heh!

    WWF on brothers!

    1. Great Comments everyone, and great info. your all pretty much spot on, and I think we are starting to figure some of this out. I might have to build some more foil boards this winter. hehehehe

  3. Casey, Just got my go foils ( Kia and Iwa, as 130 lbs) and have been using a plate adaptor on my 5’10” slingshot wizzard. I got the adaptor plate and the 29″ mast and realized with the plate it puts it about 32″ mast height. I’m thinking I may just install a go foil box. Since essentially you are SUP foiling ( flagging sail) when on a wave how far back from the tail did you install the deep tuttle/ go foil box on the Redbarron , as normal deep tuttle boxes for wind foiling are way back. Thanks . Again a great set of videos. .

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