Dumpster fire

Caseys Blog:

Sorry I have been slacking on the blog for a long time. The world has been such a freaking dumpster fire for the last year and a half plus, its just been too dang depressing to find any positives to talk about. Plus I have been so flat out busy making Top Gun boards for everyone that I haven’t seen the light of day very often. I also got some health issues that have been very difficult and absolutely kicking my ass, but that’s a complicated topic for another blog.  Okay enough excuses from me, time to get back to the fun stuff.  The only thing I really hope for these days is if everyone turns off the brainwashing boxes in front of there face.  Get outside, talk to their family, friends, neighbors and respect one another, this world can be a beautiful place it’s really that simple. 

Hit The Lip!

4 thoughts on “Dumpster fire”

  1. Wishing you the best. Have had a couple of health bumps the last year (non-Covid) and really appreciate being back in my “Happy Place”, foiling. Glad you are busy and we all look forward to your posts.

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