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Casey’s Blog:

Wow it’s been an extremely long time since I have made a Sup board, but it was waaay overdue. Especially for these two, I generally shaped them up over 7 years ago, but then they got stuck on the shelf and never finished because of all the surf foil madness craze. But it was worth the wait, I am super stoked to present these 2 new high performance sup boards called the Mystery Machine. I really should of called them “how the f*** do they do that”, but the Mystery Machine theme is more fun.
SUP boards are very extremely challenging to design for performance and fun. They are just so darn big with so much foam it’s like trying to make a pig fly and we all know how that story goes. The surf industry standard over all these years is pure lazy as usual, they just make a XXXL standard longboard shape or a XXXL short board shape and then market them as SUPs. The problem is those shapes are made for prone surfing. Sup surfing is completely different in almost every way, because of that you really have to start from the ground up. I have found you have to incorporate a crazy amount of tricks and different design aspects into one shape to achieve the goal of a super easy fun performance SUP. As a result of all this, these shapes don’t look like a normal surfboard, and that’s a good thing.
These sticks are for the intermediate to advanced riders looking for the ultimate in fun and high performance. They absolutely excel in Great Lake waves. Once you take a ride on a Mystery Machine it’s impossible to wipe the smile off your face for a long time.

9’3″x30″x3 7/8″ 134L Mystery Machine (Gen 2)
This board is an updated version of the first Mystery Machine I made from many moons ago. This classic long board style Sup is all about speed and glide. The first time I rode this board I was kind of in shock, its so freaking fast and gliding I thought I was on a surf foil. This thing just loves to go down the line and make section after section after section, things I’ve never been able to do on any other Sup before. This board is no slouch in the turning department either, the further you get back on the tail the faster it will snap around very similar to a longboard. Of course it has my favorite quad fin setup so you have more speed, more drive and can surf it all the way in and past the shallows. The 9’3″ does a great job of catching waves early and overall paddling stability is about average feels more like a 29″-28″ wide in the water. This board is really suited for smaller pitch mushy waves from small to extra large.

8’2″x31″x4 1/4″ 128L Mystery Machine mini
Well this board almost didn’t get made cuz the whole idea of it was really too extreme in my brain. Plus from all my experience every smaller SUP 8-7″ish board that I ever tried belongs in a freaking dumpster. they are horrendously hard to ride and no fun. But thankfully I listen to my gut and I ended up building this one, and holy sugar, it has exceeded every expectation. For the advanced SUP Rider looking for a shortboard style sup prepare to have your mind blown. The acceleration from this board is incredible, feels like you get shot out of a cannon, then the carving is just buttery tight, you can carve around a bottle cap on this thing. The quad fin set up on this is really nice a great blend of pivot and looseness for those snappy turns. The glide is not bad on this thing either, take a little step forward and you can squeak out an extra section or two for another couple Lip Hits. Paddling stability is incredibly exceptional feels better than a 34″ in the water. Of course, it takes more effort to catch waves with this but it’s very good at taking steep late drops all day long. The 8’3″ is really great for shore break style and steeper hollow waves from small to big.

WWF Drone Vid

Casey’s Blog:

Here is a little visual stimuli for you all. A little windsurf wave foiling action for you, taken from the bird in the sky. I think this was taken last year on a average cold breezy day on Lake Erie. Sorry for the cheesy music, like everything these days YouTube sucks and won’t let you post anything for copyright BS. enjoy!

TOP GUN Maverick

Casey’s Blog:

Casey’s Blog: Greetings Reef Warriors its been way too long, but unless you’re living under a rock. The long awaited Top Gun Maverick is finally out and sounds like a another masterpiece. As most of you know Top Gun is my all-time favorite movie, it has had a pretty big influence on me to say the least. I can never get enough of, “The need for speed”, “drinking heavily at a bar” “Playing volleyball/football on the beach” “Jets/missiles” “ flying upside down while giving the bird to the enemy” “Banging the teacher” “best one liners ever created” “best nicknames ever” and last but not least if you don’t go see it, “you will be flying rubber dog shit from Hong Kong”. Love that one. Hahaha I know Top Gun Teddy is ready to go see it. So grab your aviators and enjoy the show.!

WWF Down-winding

Casey’s Blog:

WWF down-winders are one of the most fun and truly special things you can do. I can’t believe I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years now.  There is no better surf foil feeling, than surfing swell and gliding for miles and miles and miles. Plus with WWF’s amazing up wind capabilities and stability you can just do it over and over again all day long or at least until your legs turn into jelly which usually happens first in foil surfing. WWF down-winding just excels in Lakes, Bays, Rivers, etc and Lower winds. Plus as I found out this year it’s even better in higher winds as long as you have a small enough power source like a  2.8- 2.5m etc. Now WWF down-winding is more for the advanced, but it’s definitely the easiest style of foil surfing down winding I’ve ever done. As we all know how easy WWF is on a Top Gun kit.👍 So in due time you’ll be riding swell for miles and your stoke meter will be on overload. 🏄‍♂️😎🤙