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“Board Room Update”

Casey’s Blog:

The Walls are going up!
The Walls are going up!

The “‘Da Board Room” is in full construction, I haven’t been this excited since “Rum Quest”. I have all ready been dreaming up some “Top Secret” Projects. That will be handled by the “Rum works” division.  Maybe a Rum Infused Surfboard?    Oh yaa!  There will be some Crazy stuff happen, all straight from the minds of Reef Warriors. Hehe.

Labor Day weekend “Board Meeting”

Just a quick recap of our board meeting, more pics and video coming soon. The photos are in, thanks to John and his quick editing.
Check this link

Last year we had 47 paddle craft and this year the number grew to 80+ (offical count pending)

Next year we are hoping for 100 paddlers!

Thanks to every one who participated and helped out.

Special thanks to the man behind the camera, Big John, and to the man who drives the sea doo for the camera man, Todd. You guys are the best!!!

Here is a quick time lapse video of the start of the paddle.