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Charbay vanilla bean rum

The Charbay Artisan Distillery and Winery is know as The Still on the Hill in the St. Helena area of the Napa Valley.


Gail and I visited this winery during our trip to Napa Valley last April.
At this small winery which rests 2100 feet above sea level we found copper pot stills, where we received a short but informative lesson about the distillation process they use in the making of their spirits, which we could not taste due to California laws.

The triple distillation should leave the product very clean and crisp to the taste, none of the alcohol or oily taste that often lingers with many pot stilled rums.

While in Napa we tried in vain to find a bottle of Charbay rum to bring home with us. Our hotel bar did stock Charbay vodkas but not the rum.

I had all but forgotten about this rum, when, finally, the quest was over, a bottle of Charbay Vanilla Bean Rum appeared at our local liquor store.

A white rum with good rum legs and a vanilla nose this rum is quite tasty as a sipper. It should make a good rum and coke as well as a nice mojito.

The triple distilling process truly does present a smooth, clean, crisp finish.

The vanilla bean flavor is very up front but not overpowering.

A great bar shelf rum, a little pricey ( I paid $40ish for it), but certainly fun for me since I was at the distillery.

The Charbay story of a family owned distillery and one of only few in the U.S. to have pot stills, is very interesting and informative.

If you can find this rum give it a try, it is different enough to enjoy and you are buying American.