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Rum Quest month week 3 Dos Maderas

Today we will travel to spain for some very fine rums.

Dos Maderas 5+5 and 5+3 are very unique in how they are aged .

The 1st part of the aging process is at the point of origin (Guyana and Barbados)  for 5 yrs. in oak barrels. And then on to Spain for aging in Dos Cortados sherry casks. This is the final stage for the 5+3, where as the 5+5 undergoes a final stage of aging in Don Guido sherry casks.

This multi stage process creates very wonderful rums.

5+3……boasts a sweet spicy smoky nose.

Rich honey color and strong rum legs make it pleasing to the eye.

You get a wave of flavor as it moves across your palate. Starting with a well-balanced spice and smoke, blended with fruit sweetness, followed by a smooth vanilla finish.

This is a top shelf rum.

5+5 ……is a much darker nectar, almost coffee color,with even nicer legs.

The nose is more complex with a hint of chocolate and tobacco.

Sweet on the tongue, the sherry characteristics are more pronounced, creating a sweeter ,fruiter, full-bodied flavor. The finish is smooth and creamy.

A very very nice rum. Keep this locked up and share with only true friends.

Casey’s Take: 5+5 is a top ten sipping rum. I love the stuff. I find it both very complex and very smooth which are two traits that are hard to find together. The combination makes it soo flavorful. This is one rum I try to always have on the shelf.