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Rum Quest month week 4

As rum quest month sadly draws to a close we will finish up with Vizcaya cask 21 and Ron Cententario. Casey and I plan to keep up with  rum quest Wednesdays.

A friend recently visited Costa Rica, when I bumped into her she mentioned what great rum she found there. I told her that Costa Rica makes one of my favorite rums,  so it is in her honor we review Ron Centenario.

A sweet nose, with maybe a hint of cherry. Light in color but bold in taste. Nice thick rum legs as well. Aged 7 yrs in oak brings out a full body, a nice smokeyness warms the tongue. Mild hints of vanilla and caramel. Very smooth. This is a good sipping rum, keep this on the top shelf.

Vizcaya cask 21 cuban formula rum

from Dominican Republic

aged in oak

Casey will  say this is the rum that started rum quest for him. We had tried some different rum but Viscaya opened up all the possibilities of rum.

A light root beer color, nice rum legs. A sweet complex  nose greets you. Lots going on.

The 1st taste is warm and sensual. Sweet, spicy, oaky, vanilla blend together with many other flavors.Very complex but enjoyable. Smooth going down, warm finish. A world-class sipping rum.

Casey’s Take: Yup this is the bottle that started “Rum Quest”. I remember i was looking to find a rum better then capatin morgan private stock, which was all i was drinking for many years. I went on the net and found Vizcaya which got some good reviews. So i ordered up a bottle, got it, took a sip straight up. And said to myself “there is a god” next thing I know, I drank 3/4 of the bottle. And it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Its that good, lots of Carmel, Vanilla, and wicked smooth. Its like liquid candy. Very dangerous! A must have Rum. I give it 9/10

Keep this rum locked up and share only with true believers.

A quick note on the web links for these two rums, both are very full of info, they will make you a better rum quester. enjoy, Lou