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rum quest month week 3

It is still Wednesday, so it is still rum quest Wednesday.

Better late than never. The weather has been soooo… wonderful we have been busy with household chores and getting in some water time, so tonight we reward ourselves with some Barbancourt estate reserve.

This rhum is from Haiti and aged 15 yrs in french limosin oak casks. This is also from 100% sugar cane juice, and pot stilled. I am usually not a fan of the rhums, but this is a real delight.

The color is a light coffee or light root beer. Nice legs. A rich spicy nose with hints of sweet cinnamon.

On the tonuge it is very spicy/peppery and rich. It warms the mouth and throat going down. There is also a light oaky taste, and maybe some hints of ripe bananas.

A slight oily finish, found in many pot stilled rums, lingers nicely.

This is a good classic sipping rum. Top shelf all the way

Casey’s Take: Well i agree with Lou on this one. I pretty much hate all “RHUM” kind of rum’s, but this one is very unique, and very good. If you are going to try one of the Barbancourt rum’s dont even bother with the 4 or 8yr. Save up your beans and try this one. Its worth it. I give it a 8/10.

Next week: Vicaya cask 21

rum quest month week 2

This week we will explore some fine dominican rums from Ron Barcelo

1st up is:

Ron Barcelo Anejo

A light gold color

It has a spicy nose, hints of cinnamon.

this rum is very smooth, little or no burn going down, it is warm.

there is a taste of caramel and ginger. a light smokeyness and oak from the barrel.

Casey’s Take: This rum is a little above average! Nothing stood out in it, to make you say wow. Would make a really great mixing rum! I give a 5/10

this is a top shelf rum

Ron Barcelo Grand Anejo

Darker than the anejo

Similar characteristics  to the anejo has a little more bite and spice sweet honey,

smoother finish with enhanced flavors. Fuller richer flavor.

Casey’s Take: This rum is very tasty. Opt to spend the extra couple bucks and get this one over the regular Anejo. I give it a 7/10

another top shelf rum

This is the closest to a web site I could find

also on tap is:

Travellers Gold from Belize

A coworker of Casey was kind enough to bring us a bottle of this rum over the summer.

This is a truly uniquie rum.

A very light gold color,this rum treats the senses.   A sweet spicey vanilla and brown sugar nose, maybe a hint of honey. nice and warm and spicey on the tonuge, with a flavor that is hard to pinpoint at the finish. after many tastings and discussions and some research, we agree that the flavor is tomatoe. A pleasent  earthiness and a clean and smooth finish. Sorry we can’t help locate this rum, but if you or anyone you know is heading to belize, pick some up at the duty free.

Casey’s Take: This rum is crazy good. I am not positive, but i think this rum is stupid cheap. Which makes this rum by far the best value rum in the world,its in a league of it own. It is sooo good. Its very top shelf for like 3 bucks a bottle in Belize. If you can get you hands on this stuff buy it in mass quantities. I give it 9.5 out of 10!

This link is for Travellers Rum, but I could not seem to find the Gold. Possibliy only availible at duty free?

Rum Quest Wednesday

Alas, we fell behind on rum quest yet again, so to make up for this Casey and I have declared march RUM QUEST MONTH!!!!

Every Wednesday in March we will add new rum reviews.

I recently tried some Bacardi torch cherry rum at a buddy’s house. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor. I mixed myself a rum and cola and ended up drinking a cherry cola. Lots of flavor, a very nice mixing rum. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to sip straight up, the bottle was almost empty, but I feel the flavor could be very overpowering without a mixer.

This is a very good bar shelf rum. Enjoy.

Next Up….

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Lime rum

Captain Morgan Lime Bite

Got these rums as a Xmas gift from a co-worker, not being a huge fan of these rums decided to try in a cooking recipe, with outstanding results.

1 cup rum (light or dark, in this case the afore mentioned lime rum)

1 1/2 lbs. steak (your choice, something that works well to marinade)

1/2 cup teriyaki sauce

1 tbsp. worcestershire sauce

2-3 cloves finley chopped garlic

1/2 tsp dry mustard

1/2oz. oil or butter (only if you choose to fry the steak)

Cut steak into bite size pieces and trim excess fat. Place steak in a bowl, season with salt & pepper to taste. Add rum, sauces, garlic and mustard. Mix well. Marinate in fridge for at least 1 hr. Grill steak on skewers until done or fry up in fry pan with oil or butter until brown.

And Finally….

Another gift rum, from the state of Wisconsin, Roaring Dan’s maple flavored rum.

While certainly not a traditional rum, this was a pleasant surprise.

Extremely light in color, not a clear rum, but not even golden. Not much in the way of rum legs either. A sweet pungent nose leads to a sweet strong palate. The maple comes out just before the finish. A couple drops of water or an ice-cube really open up all the flavors, nothing new is presented, just enhanced. The finish has a little warm burn but not harsh. Much smoother than one would think. A fun addition to your rum bar, if you so desire.

Next week:Travellers Gold Rum

from Belize


Ron Barcelo

from Dominican Republic

rum quest wednesday rum reviews

Rum Quest Wednesday’s

We are going to try a little different approach with our rum reviews, let us know how you like it, in the past we tried a rum, made notes, and waited until we had enough time to get the info on the rum page. Great in theory, bad in practice. Never found the time to stay caught up.

Now, by posting our thoughts on the blog, you, our rum loving followers, will be kept better informed (we hope). This format should allow us to then clean up the post and add it to the rum page when time permits.

Also for the new year we are going to try rum quest Wednesday’s.

I can’t promise a new rum review every Wednesday, but I will promise when there is a review it will be posted on Wednesday, hence rum quest Wednesday.

With all that said, let us try this out.

Casey and Amanda came over the other night for a visit and to try some rum.

They brought with them Blackwells rum, and tales from Thanksgiving in Hatteras.

Gail and I supplied  Brugal 1888 and some Pyrat Cask 1623.

Blackwell Fine Jamaican rum

I must be honest and straight to the point, not one of our favorites. The nose, taste and finish was very strong of molasses. Maybe a hint of spice on the palate but nothing memorable at all. This rum could be used in a dark and stormy in place of a black strap rum. Unfortunately we did not have any ginger beer around to test this theory. I thought that you could make good use of this rum in baking rum cakes and cookies. This chore is on Amanda, sno-day cookies! yum!

this rum is not our style.

Brugal 1888

dominican republic

Gail picked this up awhile back and it sat on our shelf for some time before we got around to opening it. Packaged in a blue elegant box, once opened the bottle itself was simple and elegant much like the rum inside. This rum is aged 5-14 years.

One of the darkest amber colored rums we have encountered thus far.  A sweet, smoky woody nose greets you. A well balanced yet complex flavor awaits. Tastes of oak, caramel, and fruit sweetness come through. There is a slight oiliness to the finish but not so much to detract from the taste.A truly sophisticated rum, rich, smooth, smoky.

Casey’s Take: It’s very complex with lots of flavors going on which is the best part of this rum. the finish is a little oily though that’s it’s only negative. overall it’s very tasty and pretty smooth. 8/10

top shelf rum all the way

Finally, Pyrat 1623.

We have enjoyed this before, it has set the standard for all rums we taste.  Again we were apprehensive based on the cost- would this rum still deliver? The answer is a resounding YES!

The citrus nose and taste were more abundant, this may be due to differences in each bottle or due to the fact we enjoyed this indoors this time (our first bottle was enjoyed on a warm summer night out on our deck). The  lemon especially came to the front. A little more fruity then some remembered but definitely as smooooooooooth as we all remembered. See previous review already included on the rum page. Still amazing-something to be savored with the best of friends on those special occasions (and yes we do make up special occasions!)