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Santa Teresa Selecto Rum

Rum Quest Wednesday returns, finally!!

DSCN0071Todays rum is Ron Santa Teresa

Extra premium Anejo from Venezuela

(be warned this link needs to be translated)

Selecto come in a simple package which disguises its complex body.

The color is a light/golden amber,

with nice rum legs. The nose is that of sweet over ripe fruit, possibly cherry?

So far nothing amazing, just simple, like the package.Taste is another story!

The taste is crisp, clean, understated,subtle and complex at the same time. No one flavor stands out to command your senses. The sweet ripe fruit (I get cherry) is in the front but it never over powers. This rum is well blended.

It does not come across with a strong “rum” taste.

The finish is long and smooth. There is no burn on the way down, and it warms the soul.

This rum is smooth and satisfying, although no one flavor jumps out and call attention to itself.

This is an outstanding rum, even though nothing stands out.

 Put it on your top shelf .

Additional notes:

I paid $40 for this rum but it can be found on-line for less

The tasting notes from the package

“This blend is a result of a careful selection of first class rums. The aging in barrels of white American oak gives it the splendor of its characteristic golden color and a vanilla wood aroma, making Selecto a robust aged rum, complex on the palate and consistent to the end.”