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rum quest month week 3

It is still Wednesday, so it is still rum quest Wednesday.

Better late than never. The weather has been soooo… wonderful we have been busy with household chores and getting in some water time, so tonight we reward ourselves with some Barbancourt estate reserve.

This rhum is from Haiti and aged 15 yrs in french limosin oak casks. This is also from 100% sugar cane juice, and pot stilled. I am usually not a fan of the rhums, but this is a real delight.

The color is a light coffee or light root beer. Nice legs. A rich spicy nose with hints of sweet cinnamon.

On the tonuge it is very spicy/peppery and rich. It warms the mouth and throat going down. There is also a light oaky taste, and maybe some hints of ripe bananas.

A slight oily finish, found in many pot stilled rums, lingers nicely.

This is a good classic sipping rum. Top shelf all the way

Casey’s Take: Well i agree with Lou on this one. I pretty much hate all “RHUM” kind of rum’s, but this one is very unique, and very good. If you are going to try one of the Barbancourt rum’s dont even bother with the 4 or 8yr. Save up your beans and try this one. Its worth it. I give it a 8/10.

Next week: Vicaya cask 21