WWF Down-winding

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WWF down-winders are one of the most fun and truly special things you can do. I can’t believe I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years now.  There is no better surf foil feeling, than surfing swell and gliding for miles and miles and miles. Plus with WWF’s amazing up wind capabilities and stability you can just do it over and over again all day long or at least until your legs turn into jelly which usually happens first in foil surfing. WWF down-winding just excels in Lakes, Bays, Rivers, etc and Lower winds. Plus as I found out this year it’s even better in higher winds as long as you have a small enough power source like a  2.8- 2.5m etc. Now WWF down-winding is more for the advanced, but it’s definitely the easiest style of foil surfing down winding I’ve ever done. As we all know how easy WWF is on a Top Gun kit.👍 So in due time you’ll be riding swell for miles and your stoke meter will be on overload. 🏄‍♂️😎🤙

Dumpster fire

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Sorry I have been slacking on the blog for a long time. The world has been such a freaking dumpster fire for the last year and a half plus, its just been too dang depressing to find any positives to talk about. Plus I have been so flat out busy making Top Gun boards for everyone that I haven’t seen the light of day very often. I also got some health issues that have been very difficult and absolutely kicking my ass, but that’s a complicated topic for another blog.  Okay enough excuses from me, time to get back to the fun stuff.  The only thing I really hope for these days is if everyone turns off the brainwashing boxes in front of there face.  Get outside, talk to their family, friends, neighbors and respect one another, this world can be a beautiful place it’s really that simple. 

Hit The Lip!

How to rig sail for Windsurf Wave Foiling

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Well its been a while since I have put my ugly mug on screen. 😜  hopefully this helps everyone to rig there sail correctly for WWF.  👌 so you can use smaller sails.  Most of us are in the habit of rigging our sails for windsurfing or even wind foiling.  Now WWF is a bit of a different animal, so you need to rig your sail differently so you get the most out of it.

This is the size sails for the wind speed you generally should be using for WWF once you get past the Rookie stage.

  • 5.7    6-12 Knts
  • 4.7    10-16 knts
  • 3.7    14-22 knts
  • 2.7    20-30 knts

Remember one of the main concepts for WWF is using small uber powerful sails to get you flying on these super efficient setups and big surf wings. This is one of the reasons its so easy and fun.


Thank you Windsurfing Wave Foiling.

Caseys Blog:

Sorry I have been slacking on the post lately, but life has been a bit crazy and thats a understatement.  I just want to thank all of the Windsurf Wave Foilers out there for spreading the stoke.  Its one of the fastest growing watersports in North America.  Its just incredible how this sport is maximizing fun and transforming how people have fun on the water. When I came up with this idea over 3 years ago, I never dreamed it would turn into such a popular addicting sport.  Great times ahead.

Here is a cool vid from a local waterman Eric, explaining how he got into WWF.  Pretty cool and he does a much better job explaining it then I do. hahaha  (Ps. he make lots of fun vids check them out)

another good vid here, good to watch footwork and hand work for WWF tips.


Reef Warriors Boards

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Finally Reef Warriors Boards has a home. ReefWarriorsBoards.com  Something I should of have made 3 years ago, but there is just never enough time in the day. No worries all fun blog posts and shenanigans will still be posted here on the blog. Its just that ReefWarriorsBoards has gotten so popular that it needed its own site for content. So Please check it out and spread the news!  As a bonus for the Website Launch of course we had to have a Promo Video.  Hit The Lip!

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