New Ripper from “Down Under”

  Ohh Shit! Now I did it. I have found somebody as crazy as me.  I got Peter Ross shaping master from OES Australia Windsurf boards.   To build me a 115L quad fin. Full blown out wave board.  I have been enjoying bigger wave boards and all there benefits for 5 years now.  But as the main windsurfing industry mostly ignores all the normal main land surfers.  ( but are starting to wake up with the development of the quads).  I am left with little options for big wave board rippers.  with this baby, I am hoping to once again, push the envelope. I can’t wait.  check out the pics of it, in the beginning stages, of being made.  Hoping for it to be done, before I head to Hatteras to give it a good test!

Lake Erie Watermen & Women

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