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Without sounding preachy here,I would like to ask a favor of everyone who follows us. When you are out paddleboarding, sailing, windsurfing, kiting, or just relaxing on the beach after a good session, please, if you see some garbage in the water or on shore, pick it up and get it in the trash. Today alone I picked up 2 bottles and some floating trash. If we do our share to keep our beach and lake clean maybe other will too. And we will be setting a good example for the future reef warriors.

thanks, Lou


Windsurf Jim rides again

Picture Page: June 3, 2011 : Photo Galleries : The Buffalo News.

Good to see a fellow windsurfer and reef warrior in the paper for something other than selling bootleg rum and pirating and or booty hunting.

The rep from RRD paddleboards is rumored to be in town this weekend with some boards to demo.

here are the details if any one is interested.




Light wind picnic Sunday 6/5/11

RRD is in town and has some demo boards. We will meet at Fix Rd Park on Grand Island. Eat at White Haven Park.

Stand Up Paddle Boards will be the focus unless the wind picks up.

Time 12:00

Bring a Dish to Pass



Thank You!

Happy Windsurfing and Paddling


Where are the waves and wind?

We may be changing our name to the flat water warriors if the weather does not start co-operating soon. The reason you have not heard from Casey in some time is because he is just staring out at the flat water looking for waves and wind. For the time being we can stir him from his trance with rum but I am afraid his condition will become worse if mother nature does not bless us with her gifts.

 Now on the brighter side all this flat water has gotten some off to a good start logging days on the water. I am up to 20 days, already. Lots of new paddleboarders are joining the ranks and the seasons  paddleboard yoga classes are starting up.

I posted a 2011 photo page, you can see what we are complaining about, not a ripple in sight, thanks to Christina for the great pic’s.

Hang loose, I am sure when the wind comes Casey will be cured and he will treat us all to the wisdom and wit and everything you else read HIT THE LIP for.

Pray for wind, Lou

Happy Bacon Friday

Welcome to (Canandian) Bacon Friday! Need I say more. Enjoy bacon all day for every meal and snack.

Check out for fun recipes and more.

Don’t forget next week is also bacon friday, no bacon restrictions in place.

“The friday before monday holidays shall be deemed bacon friday.” was the decree handed down from the reef warriors elders.

bacon friday scheduale 2011

5/20 friday before victoria day (canada)

5/27 friday before memorial day (u.s.)

7/1 friday before independance day (u.s.)

7/29 friday before civic holiday (canada)

9/2 friday before labor day

10/7 friday before columbus day (u.s.) and thanksgiving (canada)


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