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Casey’s Blog:

I just returned from the Awesome OBX-WIND 2019 windsurfing event in Cape Hatteras. What a week of soo much fun and Non-stop action. The weather and conditions were great, and the vibe was even better.  definitely a highlight of the year.

As for racing,  my expectations were pretty low this year, as I had all new gear and was completely out of shape from not being in the water for 4 months.  With a couple sips of rum to go along with all my experience in the need for speed. I am super happy with a 2nd place finish in the very competitive and famous Long distance race.  As for the slalom racing which is my favorite, the winds were too  light for my gear and I couldn’t get going. which was a bummer but thats how mother nature works sometimes.

I have to give a big shout out to, WIND-NC, Goya Windsurfing, CNCFins, Tectonics fins. If it wasn’t for the best gear in the world there would be no Zoom, Zoom. I cant wait for next year hopefully see ya all there. https://oceanairsports.com/pages/obx-wind-2019



Some more hardware for the collection.
A Great honer to be standing next to these Talented pros.
Coming in Hot at 35mph.
crossing Da Finish line on that fast Goya gear.


Wave Jam 2015 updates //Way to go Casey

I got an email from Cam last night letting me know Casey had made the final four in the pro division at wave jam.Casey[1]

Here is the link to the finals,  http://americanwindsurfingtour.com/pritchard-takes-1st-at-the-light-house/

I will keep you in suspense for the time being as to Casey’s finish, but he was in the heat with Kevin Prichard (the eventual winner) , Morgan Noireaux and Boujma Guilloul. All outstanding windsurfers.

The author of the story mentioned Casey was a Hatteras local, ( which we all know is his home away from Da’ Reef) a little disappointing there was no love for Lake Erie.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the. AWT page and check out the standing for the rest of the crew.

The Reef Warriors are making us proud.

Sandro is in the masters division which as of this post has not started yet.

Cam got through the 1st round in the amateur division, with Dave, and Casey well seated in the same competition.

Wendy, Casey’s, big sis and a Hatteras regular finished 5th in the ladies division.

So far a good showing by our Great sailors from the Great Lakes.

There are many other events going on as well and I will keep you posted on how our guys do.

Best of luck the rest of the way!