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“The Red Barron” Windsurf Foil, A Board Room Project.

Casey’s Blog: 

Say hello to “The Red Barron” this is my latest creation out of the board room. It is a performance Windsurfing Foil board.  Specs are 6’6″ x 29 1/4″ x 4 3/4″ @ 16lb.   This board is made to fly like a jet, with everything designed just for foiling in mind. Check it out!


The Red Barron

Looking sharp

Much respect for the Red Barron!

Don’t mess with this Reef warrior, he will shoot you down!

Snoppy In the house! On the machine Guns! Look out!

Tiny at only 6’6″

Paired up with the XL Naish Chopper (5.3-5.7) the perfect foiling set-up!

I am very Happy with this one!

Just awesome!