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Once Around the Wreck/Labor Day Weekend

Thanks to everyone who braved the chill to participate/help out/ and share  photos for the  Once around the Wreck Paddle.
Even though the morning was a bit cold with a very uncommon east wind we still had a great turn out for this event. 70 +  paddlers braved the elements.  Give yourselves a round of applause!
The magic of the Reef was apparent the whole weekend, as the early morning chill made way to a warm day with a nice east wind that created a breezy, flat water, fun Hobie day. Then the remains of Hurricane Harvey cleared the beach in record time and left us with a Sunday Funday.
Waking up to waves for breakfast, a 2+ hr surf session turned into a great day for the sailors lucky enough to be here.
Big winds were forecast for Labor day Monday although they never materialized, it was an outstanding day,  the warmth and sunshine provided a perfect day at the Reef.
Here is a video recap of the paddle and funday Sunday.


Waves for Breakfast or Another Sunday fun day!

Here at Da’ Reef we have had a string of Sunday fun days, but this past Sunday was one of the “fun-est.”

party wave drop in
party wave drop in

It started with waves for breakfast, a real treat since paddle surfing days on the reef have been few and far between this year.DSCN1540

Perfect conditions of warm 77 degree water, light offshore wind and nice knee to shoulder high waves awaited as the 3 of us started out at 7:30am and with in and hour we had a full line up of 15 paddle surfers, with plenty of waves and smiles to go around.

party wave
party wave
Jim rides a dandy
Jim rides a dandy



all smiles
all smiles
Sandro gets a ride
Sandro gets a ride

A couple newbies to the reef got their 1st rides. 2 year old Mackenzie, and new Ken. (the 2 yr old shredded, new Ken, not so much),

kenzies 1st ride
kenzies 1st ride

After a late breakfast and all the waves were used up, the trusty south west wind kicked in for a perfect hobie day. I sailed another 3 hours after the 2 1/2 hr sup session.

Meanwhile Casey was working on his own Sunday fun day marathon, stay tuned for more about Sunday Fun day.



Did somebody say “Rubber”?

Casey and I are happy to announce the The Reef Warriors have teamed up with  Wetsuit Wearhouse to help you, our loyal followers get some great gear, from a great shop, at low $.


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Here are a few words from the staff at Wetsuit Wearhouse.

Hey all! We are stoked to be teaming up with The Reef Warriors! Just to get a little familiar with us, we are a wetsuit specialty shop located in Maryland. Not only do we offer 25,000 wetsuits in stock daily, we’ve also got an amazing group of knowledgeable and helpful folks here. We offer FREE U.S. shipping and our return policy is super easy. For all things wetsuits, check us out here: https://www.wetsuitwearhouse.com/




Wetsuit Wearhouse  is a great resource for the gear we need to stay warm throughout the year as we stretch out the season here in the Great Lakes.

 I have purchased hats, booties, gloves and a wet suit for Gail from Wetsuit Wearhouse.

I have missed many a late season sup surf session due to the lack of a good wetsuit.

             Since I am hard to fit body type, I am short for my weight, Wetsuit Wearhouse will be helping me with a custom made suit. https://www.wetsuitwearhouse.com/wetsuits/category/custom-wetsuits.html

The custom design page comes with an order form where you supply your measurements and the pros at Wetsuit Wearhouse will build you a suit to fit.

I will keep you all posted as to the progress of my custom suit, and let you all know how well it fits and how warm and comfy it is. Stay tuned!

Please check them out at, https://www.wetsuitwearhouse.com/. You can live chat with an expert or call toll free at (866)906 SUIT (7848)

You will be happy you did !



The Night before Christmas………Reef Warrior style

beach-sceneT’was the night before Christmas and all along the beach,

not a sail was fluttering, not from luff to leach.


The Reef Warriors were all snug in their beds,

while visions of new gear danced in their heads.


Our boards were all stacked up safe from a storm,

while inside we were all cozy and warm.



MoonDoggie and Possum sitting comfy on their bums

were enjoying the taste of some really fine rums.


When out on the Reef the wind rose in a clatter.

I looked to the wreck to see what was the matter.


Out on the lake I saw in disbelief,

Waterman Santa surfing the reef.


He sailed like Naish, like Laird he did surf,

making Lake Erie seem like his home turf.


He smacked the lip with such authority and grace.

He even put a smile on MoonDoggie’s face.


hobie santa

He came through the shore break an old Hobie for a sleigh

so loaded with goodies it filled up the bay.


His toes were all gnarly

his nose bent and broke

despite all his scars

his eyes showed pure stoke.


Some call him “St Nick”

Some call him “Kris Kringle”

Possum thought to herself

“I wonder if he is single?”


Then what to my wondering eyes did appear,

were 8 new boards and lots of new gear.

Super SUP (5)


A twin fin

a quad

a SUP board or two

a skinny mast

a folding boom

a quiver of sails 

all brand spankin’ new.


On to the deck he unloaded the swag,

a harness, a paddle, a brand new board bag.sup santa


When he finished his task he grabbed up his rig

 and caught a great ramp that was real freakin’ big.wind surf santa

(alternate verse for our kite friends)kitesanta2

With a pat on his head I helped launch his kite,

as he sailed away he got a jump of tremendous height.


The winter swell brought the Christmas Yule tide

And over the white caps Waterman Santa did ride.

I heard him exclaim as he sailed out of sight,christmas_beach_picture

Merry Christmas,

Hit the Lip


to All a Good Night!



Happy Holidays from Casey and Lou

Dakine dunk tank, or check your gear.

Here is a little public service reminder to check your gear.

I was out on the hobie the other day, jumped out on the trapeze and next think I know I am dragging behind the boat. Of course I had the gopro with me, to record the whole thing.

What happened?

Here is a little video of my adventure…


and some pics of my broken harness.