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“The Mystery Machine” a Board room project

Casey’s Blog:

Well the wait is over, say hello to “the Mystery Machine”.  The first Reef Warrior designed  Ultra High performance Stand Up Paddle board, plus so much more. This board got its nickname and theme cause its going to take Scooby Doo and the gang to solve the mystery of this machine. Its taken me over 4+ years to achieve my goal and dream of building a High Performance SUP designed specifically for the Great Lake Waves.   I am proud to say all the insane hard work has paid off, this board is soooo much fun and just rips.  It has so many unique design features, hopefully I will get some time in the near future to discuss. In the  mean time check out some pics and features.

The Mystery Machine 9’3″ x 30″ x 140L
Crazy Graphics that make you smile
The Bottom shape is just as Crazy or a Mystery?
Now this shot is a Mystery? Whaaat? Can it SUP FOIL and WIND FOIL! Mystery???? and a Quad fin SUP? whoaaa.!
Now thats the stuff!
Now this is a complete freaken mystery?  straps Whaaaa?
How does it do that? Mystery? Stay tuned!

Reef Warrior gift guide

While Casey has been reviewing sails, https://reefwarriors.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/naish-chopper-review/

boards, https://reefwarriors.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/118-wind-sup-rocks/


and wetsuits, https://reefwarriors.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/drysuit-vs-wetsuit/

for you to add to your holiday wish list .

I just want to pass on some suggestions for those of us who won’t be restocking the gear quiver this year.

Here are  a few good gift ideas for the reef warrior on your list.


There are many cold winter days and nights we long for time on the water.When you need a fix a good video will keep the stoke going.

Here are a couple of fun choices.

The 1st is Unsalted, it is a movie  about the history of surfing on the great lakes.

A must have for anyone who is fond of fresh water.

available at http://www.amazon.com/Unsalted-Surfing-Documentary/dp/B002DQP1RG

Next up is H2Indo, a stand up paddle movie.

I recently picked up a copy at Eastern Mountain Sports here in Amherst, NY.

The movie was very well done and had many great insights to the personalities

of some of the leaders in S.U.P., and lots of great waves. The scenes of Dave Kalama “trick surfing” are great fun.

If you enjoy surf movies and stand up paddling then this is a great stocking stuffer.



If you are looking for a long board skateboard

go see Lonnie at http://www.surfontario.ca/


They have a great selection of boards and gear, from sup to surf to land.

Life is good when we are on the water and Life is Good t-shirts now has a watersports collection that includes windsurfing, paddleboarding and surfing .


For that significant other who is left behind  while you are out playing,

visit Liz at


she creates jewelry made from beach glass found on the shores of lake Erie along with many other gifts

For the rum lover, I recently found  Dos Maderas 5+5 at the local rum store.

This dark rum is a true delight. Get it, sip it, enjoy.       There will be a rum quest review in the near future.


Finally my favorite thing, the wind sup sail.

Casey, Amanda, Gail and I picked these up in the spring and it was easily our most used sail this year.

Nice power (can get a sup board up on plane) and ease of rigging (we left ours rigged all year, just unroll and go) allowed us to get out at a moments notice. A great compliment to our sup boards.

These sail got us out to the waves quickly and are light when wave riding. Perfect for those days when it is to windy too paddle out to the break but not windy enough to windsurf.


Available locally at


Have a safe and Happy Holiday season.

Wind Sup Summer: 11’8″ Wind Sup Vid

Casey’s Blog:

Well there has been very little wind this summer on the reef, but lots of Sup and Wind Suping, to save the day!  Made a little video collection of the 11’8″ Wind Sup in action. Enjoy!

11’8 Wind Sup Rocks!

Casey’s Blog:
Well i am back from hatteras, and of course I bring some new toys home with me. One toy didn’t make the trip, it needs to get glued back together, oops!

The other toy did make it home and it rocks! Its called the “Exocet 11’8 WindSup” board. I paired it up with a “Aerotech 4.8 WindSup sail”. The board is so much freaken fun. Plus its the only board i have tried ,(and i have tried lots of them) that Windsurf up onto a fast plane, and will rip when paddle surfing in waist high waves with lots of stability. It truly does everything well. And thats not even the main reason i bought it. It has a old school style kick up/down center board. So now in 1 tack in 6 knots i will be at the top of the reef ready to ride some waves. When the center board is kicked up i never felt any performance loss windsurfing or paddling. And this board is fast, i was sailing it at the hole with a 6.2 powered up and was keeping up with people on 95L boards, i was only maybe 1-2 mph slower. And it gybes so smooth and fast. i never came off a plane in a turn. I was having so much fun i couldn’t step off the thing. Then the wife took it (beginner windsufer) and was loving it, uphauling with ease, getting in the harnesses, tacking, gybing, kicking the center board down, so she could get back up wind,( so no walk of shame), her smile was bigger then mine. I cant say enough good things about this board. I know its a big old long board, but it offers so much more. If i only could own 1 board and 1 sail. I would choose this board and the Aerotech wind sup sail. I can show up to the beach any day, no matter what the conditions, 0-25 knots of wind or paddle and have lots of fun. Getting skunked is a thing of the past. What was old is New again. And its great for windsurfing!

*Warning* I know I sound crazy, but don’t try this board, Your bank account will thank you. Hit The Lip!!!!

The perfect Fun do everything Combo.
Love the Thin Pin tail.
Step Tail, this is what makes it do everything.
Aerotech Wind Sup sail, Super Light, Rigs in 10 seconds, Love it