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Rules!, Who needs Rules?

Casey’s blog:
So in windsurfing there used to be this 100 degree rule, water+air had to equal 100, as long it hit 100 you were good to go. I used to follow that many years ago. Now recently the Long Island crew, made up their own formula, which is way better, and lowers the temps down a whole bunch.

But as I was driving to the beach the other day, in a light snow storm to catch some waves, I was thinking to myself: “This is nuts! But it’s going to be so much fun!” and sure enough, I had a amazing 3 hour SUP Surf sesh in smooth chest high surf with George H and a couple other surfers down in H-bay. The water and air added up to about 66! Now that’s far from 100. So I think its time to just throw out the rule altogether? If you have some form of liquid with waves/wind you’re good to go! Right?

Now there is one other possibility, I always called the Regular surfers “Hardcore”, Cause they would be out there surfing till they literally turned into a block of ice! Now maybe I have finally reached “hardcore” status! Maybe With the likes of Ron Jeremy. hehe. People with “Hardcore” status don’t have to follow rules so that works for me. But I don’t think I am at that status yet, I just happened to get a new suit that’s keeps me stupid warm. So there needs to be something in between “hardcore”people and “rules”people. So after much thinking and many rums. I came up with S.U.R.F.I.N., which is abbreviated for “Surfs. Up. Rules. Forbidden. I. Nuts”. So, when I am out there in the lake, catching sweet waves in a snow storm, with a total air+water temp of 66, you can just say he’s “S.U.R.F.I.N.”! So that’s my status! Everybody’s welcome to join the S.U.R.F.I.N. status and throw that Rule book out! Go ReefWarriors! Hopefully one day I can step up another status, and be like Ron!, And have a rum named after me!

Wow Look at that Rum!

Gidget gets a February session

Not only did Casey get a couple days this month, Gail logged some sailing time too! Only about a 1/2 hr at Gallager beach(also know as cargill ) at  the end of the day thursday, February 9th. I finally got some video footage on the new camera to use with my new video edit program.

Mark, the other sailor out that day, was also out earlier in the week. Retired guys have all the fun.

Check out the Short video.

Gail and I were going through some videos from the summer. Here is one from an August day. North winds over 25mph sent us down to Niagara River.