The legend of the reef warriors


Warrior, def: A person who exhibits great vigor, courage, aggressiveness in competition

The Legend of the Reef Warriors

The origins of the reef warriors go back to the early ‘70’s. bands of nomadic people would camp (in tents and tin cans) along the sacred coast. The water level was much higher then, the reef kept to its self.

To understand the power of the reef we need to go back to the time before my time (October, 1961), When a ship was run aground upon it. Today the hulking monolith remains and is worshiped by many. It is believe good luck is bestowed upon one who writes his name upon the remaining hull.

Many of the nomads were of the hobie tribe. Good winds and a sandy beach, allowed this tribe of beach cats to grow large in number.  They still are around today, although their numbers are Dwindling.The reef gave the sailors good surf, but asked for sacrifice. Rudders and masts were bent and broken. sunglasses, hats, crew & the occasional bikini top were washed away.

A tribe of motor warriors sprung up also, but the reef took sacrifices from them as well. Propellers and lower units were damaged. again hats, sunglasses & the occasional bikini top were lost to the reef.

The two tribes co-existed peacefully most of the time.

Conflicts were often resolved over a cold beer.

A new sailing tribe evolved taking some of the hobie elders with them. windsurfing became the choice of many to enjoy the reef’s offerings. Still the cost was high. Fins, masts and boards were broken,  Sails Torn.  sunglasses, hats and bikini bottoms were lost.(The reef had new needs).

The once great nomadic tribes slowly settled the area. Many new windsurfers joined the ranks.

Soon another evolution began. Kiting joined the tribes and they enjoyed the reef. Not to much to sacrifice on a kite board so the reef created a dead spot in the wind to crash the kites in to a seaweed bed.

As the lake levels became shallower the power of the reef was soon discovered. The windsurf and kite tribe used the waves to surf and jump.

The adventurous tribes soon took up another sport.

One day a small group of daring sailors attempted stand up paddling on archaic equipment (old windsurf boards and kayak paddles).

As their bravery, balance and Board quiver grew the reef offered up surfing.

When not battling the reef games of great skill (ring game/ladder golf/horseshoes/bocce/volleyball) are undertaken.

The day often ends watching the sunset out on the water or from the shore. Rum in hand, giving thanks for another great day.

Recently, There was a merging of all the cultures and the reef warrior’s became a clan. This was celebrated with a great feast, now known as chili cookoff. 

 Before the feast begins, a maiden is offered up for all to behold, queen of the festival, if you will.

The Feast begins with a toast and a sip from the tainted challis, enjoying crazy sugar cane juice.

After the feast a bonfire and music fills the night sky and the songs are heard well in to the night.

Sup, windsurf, kite surf, sailing, kayaking, fishing, a protected shore are what the reef bestows us with on a daily basis

9 thoughts on “The legend of the reef warriors”

  1. That maiden is gorgeous…but, is that MY moo-moo you’re wearing and my “Miss Teeth ’79” gold sash??? You really are a pirate!

      1. on occasion, rum running across state lines does slow us down though.
        casey’s sis has a place down there. he gets there much more often.
        we are very spoiled with our spot on the lake, hard to chase wind and water when you have what we have.

      2. Oh ya! Thats my second home. Our paths have prob crossed before. I used to work and live down there long time ago.(12 years) i am very good friends with charile (ride) and andy (wind nc). I will be down there april 5th thru 16th, and for wave jam in sept.(Was there for wave jam couple years ago) hope to see ya down there.
        Hit The Lip.

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