Casey’s blog: Hit The Lip!

Scored another day, Wave day#91 for the year, to be exact. The wind blew 30 all night, so I was hoping for some Mon-Doo waves, but when I got there they were just average,  So I decided to throw up the 8m kite, and keep my hands warm. Good decision because it was super gusty and shifty, the wind was all over the place. It made kiting almost hard, and I didn’t think that was possible. After a 1 1/2 hour sesh! I was starting to get a little cold.  First time this year, not good. The end is near! Boo!  There were still 4 surfers out at H-Bay when I left,  Those guys are the ultimate Hardcore cold water guys, Don’t know how they do it. much respect. I took a little go-pro vid, from yesterday; Check it out, nothing to exciting, but something 2 watch, hopefully over the holiday I can edit up my “Big October days” video. That will be good watching!


just a reminder, chili cook off is next saturday, sept. 24

at ledge 4/ casey and amanda’s place

chili’s on the table by 5:30pm

chili queen will kick off the celebration at 6:00pm

judging around 9:00pm

guitars, rum and fun to follow.

can the reigning champs,casey and amanda repeat?

will christina wear the chili queen dress?

whose chili will be crowned champ?

come one, come all, but come hungry

see you there.

any ?’s contact lou or casey