Rum Quest

What is a quest?

It is a journey of enlightenment. It is a pursuit of knowledge. It is a search for personal growth. It is a belief that you must leave behind all that you know and open your senses to experience something new.

The quests of legend are journeys of spiritual and personal enlightenment, and ours, is a journey of enlightement throught the spirit of rum. We seek to enhance our senses, increase our knowledge of and trackdown all the great rums the world has to offer. We will follow the path of those who came before us, learn about rum through many sources, share with and learn from those we meet, as well as friends old and new.

We are not pro’s at this. Our palates are far from refined and delicate (way too many hot peppers is my excuse).Some reviews will hold the thoughts of only one person, some will (like a fine rum ) will be the blending of many.

We will let you know what we like and dislike about each rum, what the manufacturer says about it and how we enjoy it (on the rocks, with a mixer ect.) and help you decide where and if it should be on your  rum shelf.

6 thoughts on “Rum Quest”

  1. I come to you as a supplicant to an oracle. I have a mint plant with many leaves. I want to do something worthy with them, with rum. Not too complicated. What should I do, and with what rum should I do it?
    Note: I have already tried placing a bottle of rum on top of a mint leaf. Also waving a mint leaf over a bottle of rum. My goal is to incorporate mint in the final beverage.

    Thank you kindly.

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