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Beware the demon rum

Rum Quest/Mekhong rum

I know it has been way too long between rum reviews and for that I can only beg your forgiveness.

Believe it or not…  tasting all that rum kind of dulls your senses. Soon everything tastes the same, hence a lack of rum reviews.

Then something new comes along and awakens your senses and tests your taste buds.

This, my friends, is the essence of Mekhong rum, th_51

the Spirit of Thailand.

This spirit is made from 95% sugar cane, (Thailand’s climate helps create some of the best sugar cane in the world) 5% rice and a secret mixture of herbs, spices and caramel.

The alcohol content 35% is low, which according to the distillers, should lead to making better mixed drinks.

The nose on this rum is rewarding and yet it does not yield the flavors hidden in the complex body of this fine spirit.

Now, you are wondering, just what does this  rum taste like?

It tastes like the far east, it tastes like The Smoking Budda, (all you locals know just what I mean!) it tastes like your favorite Thai restaurant, it tastes like this!thai%20%20jungle%20curry%20ii

There is ginger, toffee, citrus and vanilla on the tongue, a warm smooth finish. When I taste this rum I get a flavor I can only describe as green. Bamboo? Sprouts? Celery? Lemongrass? Who knows? But it sure is interesting.

Check Mekhong’s web site. It is full of information on this very different and tasty rum. Get some if you can, it was not very expensive and certainly worth a try.

A Key West Intermezzo

Gidget & I have returned, begrudgingly, from Key West after spending 6 awesome days filled with great music, terrific tasty food, spectacular sunsetssunset and lots of fun.

We certainly got our Jimmy Buffett on, with visits to Capt. Tony’s saloon, Sloppy Joes, and the Green Parrot. I had a cheeseburger in paradise at Garbo’s grill, a tiny (and I mean tiny) food cart on Caroline St. and of course had a drink at Louie’s Backyard!IMG_7013

The rich history of Key West blends in  nicely as the cruise ships of today cruise shipcan be seen from the tower where the wreckers watched for ship wrecks on the shallow reefs. The business of salvaging goods and lives were key to the area’s economy.

Earnest Hemingway

Hemingways home
Hemingway’s home

spent a good part of his life here and Key West helped create his legend, from his home filled with 6 toed cats, to his drinking at Sloppy Joes.

Not all of our travels were spent in bars,  restaurants, and museums, which would not make good journalism for a watersports blog now would it.boards

The keys are surrounded by nature and we took a stand up paddle eco trip through a mangrove filled bay where we spotted a nurse shark (I knew right away it was a nurse shark from the hat with the red cross on it)

mangroves DSCN1369 IMG_6978

The ecosystem of the mangroves is quite complex and simple at the same time. Our guide, Elio, did a wonderful job in sharing her knowledge with us.

Eco tour from reef warrior on Vimeo.

A sea slug and horse shoe crab were a couple of inhabitants of the area we got to meet close up, but I thought the Cassiopeia jelly fish were the most amazing sight, Thanks to the crew at Geiger Key Paddle Hut for this great experience.

We had hoped to get a few more paddle trips in but the breeze filled in for a couple of days so there was nothing left to do but rent a Hobie cat for an afternoon sail.

A vacation would not be compete with out a quest for local rums, and our quest lead us to Key West’s Legal Rum Distillery http://www.keywestlegalrum.comIMG_7070

The owner is Paul Menta who is a kite sailing, rum loving, waterman as well as a chef and restaurateur.

We tried all the rums available and brought a few home, a proper rum quest review will be fourth coming.

I need to send out one more acknowledgement and thank you to Shana Walsh of The Otherside boardsports.IMG_6975

A great little shop where Gidget bought a new, much-needed windsurf harness, Shana was of great help and answered all our questions. Check it out if you find yourself on Islamorada.

Key West and the Florida Keys are a great place, full of fun adventures and scenery, the natural beauty of the state parks,  from the nite life of Duval St. to the wild chickens of Key West, where if you look hard enough you may find the answer to one on life most perplexing questions, “Why did the chicken cross the road”

why does the chicken cross the road from reef warrior on Vimeo.



Here is another great find, and surprisingly it’s a WHITE rum again. Diplomatico Blanco reserve comes from the great rum brand that we all like very much “Diplomatico” from venezula. Drinking this Rum “straight” it’s silky smooth, with a nice vanilla sweetness upfront that finishes dry and a little warm. When enjoying it on the rocks, it just seemed to get watered down and not open up any more flavor, and of course this would make for a top shelf mixing rum for all mixed rum drinks. End result this bottle gets emptied way too fast! Definitely grab this rum if you can find it!