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Board Room: New TopGun “GOOSE” Big guy foil board


Casey’s Blog:

I am proud to introduce to you the all new TopGun “GOOSE”. This is a High performance WWF/Sup surf Foilboard for the big guys.Β  I had a lot of passion for developing this board,Β  cause I didn’t want to leave the “big guy” behind like the general surf industry does time and time again. (they think everyone is 150Lbs and uber talented)πŸ˜† Arhhh. Β Β  Well now the 200lb+ can out shred those annoying little surfers all day long. πŸ€™Β  and man dose this board shred. Β  It took a lot of R&D and time but I couldn’t be happier with the results.πŸ‘ŒΒ  It must be another winner cause the orders are already coming in and riders who demoed it, keep saying “its perfect”. πŸ˜† (anybody want to work for free and build boards) hahaha.

The final stats come in at 144L 7’x31″ but as I try to always remind everyone specs for foil boards don’t mean the same like they do for surfboards so don’t get stuck on them.



Joel scoring the first Goose out of the board room. congradsπŸ€™πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ